• Something different - How about a BMW S1000RR drag bike built by Roland Sands? Manages a 5.83@124 1/8 mile

      This is quite simply awesome. Roland Sands is a former motorcycle racer who once he finished racing struggled to fill the void in his life. Well, he created Roland Sands Design and took the passion he had for racing and applied that energy toward designing bikes. His latest design happened to be based on a BMW S1000RR and the result is quite simply badass. MotorTrend featured this bike in their latest episode of On Two Wheels.

      The bike has a mildly modified stock motor for just over 200 horses thanks to the Brock's Performance Exhaust. Everything else is stock including the tune. The main difference is the extended swing arm which gives it that elongated drag look. A rear carbon fiber wheel saves weight and looks like it means business. Factory BMW Motorrad carbon panels add to the look along with custom paint as well as a custom tail. An Ohlins rear suspension setup for drag racing keeps the rear planted.

      The result of the modifications is a 5.83@124 in the 1/8 mile. This would translate to just about a 9 second flat 1/4 mile. The guy can ride. That's moving for a bike that does not have any major motor mods. The next step is a turbo setup for well over 300 horses.

      The video below is well done and worth watching especially if you haven't seen a drag bike in action. Very cool bike build.