• HPF Stage 3 turbo E46 M3 versus a Weistec Stage 3 supercharged C63 AMG

      Even those these upgrades are "Stage 3" from their respective companies readers need to understand all stages are not created equal. The E46 M3 with the HPF Stage 3 upgrade received a built motor and a larger turbo making for a very significant power upgrade capable of 788 horsepower at the rear wheels. The Weistec Stage 3 supercharger upgrade for the C63 AMG M156 V8 on the other hand still uses the stock internals.

      It's definitely no slouch as with the 3.0 liter blower at 11 psi on 91 octane pump gas the Weistec Stage III setup is capable of 630 wheel horsepower, impressive. The HPF Stage 3 on 91 octane puts down 642 rear wheel horsepower. So, on 91 pump this would be a pretty interesting race.

      The E46 M3 is not on pump though (meth is used but whether it is meth and pump or meth and race gas is unknown) and with its weight advantage it shows. Impressive pull against a stout car. Thank you to BenzBoost member @bilal for the video.

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      1. ZooyorQ's Avatar
        ZooyorQ -
        I'd be willing to bet it was a meth related failure.. its always a $#@!ing meth related failure. Which is why I went E85.
      1. bilal's Avatar
        bilal -
        u r 100% current im sure it was meth related as well
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        BAD430BENZ -
        i run guys all the time with my Weistec Stage 3 and it never feels as fast as when you watch a video of it in action . Weistec did it right Click here to enlarge

        i just had my car inspected and it passed without any issues . i have the Stage 3 , pump gas tune , catless , no resonators and 3" Carlsson exhaust Click here to enlarge