• Next generation 2016 BMW 7-Series already testing - Spyphotos

      The current F01 7-Series still looks absolutely fantastic but BMW is already testing its successor. Things move pretty quickly in the automotive world these days and with the next generation W222 S-Class set to debut this year BMW is preparing to compete with it so the never ending game of one-upmanship will just continue. The car you see is heavily camouflaged so it is tough to gauge where BMW is going with its styling language but one thing is certain, the cars are not getting smaller.

      The vehicle looks big, even for a 7-Series. Hopefully it will not gain any more weight as the all wheel drive long wheelbase version is already over 5000 pounds as the B7 shows. We will just have to wait and see, pictures below.

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      1. whoosh's Avatar
        whoosh -
        This thing looks amazingly huge.

        And look at the rear squat and negative camber. Seems like they have the whole trunk full of Spaten kegs.
      1. AlexQuattro's Avatar
        AlexQuattro -
        Gotta love winter driving.
      1. Q4P's Avatar
        Q4P -
        5000 pounds? lololololol

        I am buying an M1 Abrams instead.