• EVO takes a spin in a close to production spec BMW i8 prototype doing winter testing

      So yes the BMW i8 hybrid sports car is still coming and scheduled to be in showrooms by 2014. The final production ready car should be revealed toward the end of this year. For now, BMW is still testing and was doing some winter testing when EVO got a chance to take a spin in the car. The three-cylinder motor is still getting tuning but output is still expected to be in the 223 horsepower range for the 1.5 liter turbo motor and 354 when combined with the 131 horsepower electric motor.

      This is definitely much less than some of the 400 horse rumors but maybe BMW will bump it up. It is interesting to see how the all wheel drive system works during the winter testing and how effective it is. Also how quickly one can switch it up to front wheel drive with just a button press. One can also go from hybrid to electric only at the press of a button.

      The video is well worth watching but it would be nice for this car to have a little more power and offer something more sports than a 1.5 liter three-cylinder motor. Hopefully we see variants.

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        The initial specs on this thing say it will be 1480kg, about 3260lbs. All those composite materials and that's as light as they can get it? This also raises the question: how light are they truly going to be able to get the F8x M3? Having a 3cyl motor must help offset the weight of the electric motor and batteries... Why is this so heavy?
        They could ditch the batteries and just give it a stronger gas motor...