• Swedish tuner PPF (Pure Performance Factory) sets new BMW M54 inline-6 horsepower record with custom built turbo M54 hitting 801 wheel

      A big congratulations is in order for PPF (Pure Performance Factory) of Sweden for obliterating the M54 horsepower record and setting a new and very high bar for the platform. How does 801 wheel horsepower on the M54B30 sound? Well to BimmerBoost it sounds absolutely amazing as this pushes the platform to a whole new level. For years now the M50,S50, and S54 motors have gotten all of the attention out of the M5X engine family and it is nice to see the M54 coming into its own.

      Specs on the vehicle are an 84.5mm bore M54B30 with a balanced crank, PPF H-profile rods, 8.5:1 compression CP pistons, and ARP bolts. The cylinder is ported by PPF with +1mm Supertech intake valves, stock sized inconel exhaust valves, with PPF valve springs and retainers. The turbo making the power possible is a Precision PT6765 .82ar. The motor also gets S50 independent throttle bodies. The car is tuned on a standalone and runs E85 fuel.

      Pictures of the car and dynograph below along with a bit of history on how it has come along and gotten to where it is. Congrats to PPF and @JimmyOberg :

      This is the car back in 2009:

      Looks pretty fast yes? I find the shape of it very aerodynamic.

      In all seriousness, it's gone through quite a metamorphosis, starting like this:

      At this time Jimmy was looking to do a very high spec N/A build, including the fitment of the S50 ITBs pictured above. (This was an experience we shared; the adaptation of an ITB manifold onto an M54) To say that this project was just a pile of parts bolted onto the car would not be doing Jimmy (or PPF) justice. The ITB project was pretty serious, with a lot of Jimmy's time spent here:

      Doing this:

      During the summer of 2010, Jimmy began to talk about doing another turbo project. (His previous toy was a 700hp turbo E34) So it wasn't a surprise in September of 2010 when the following build plan was announced:

      *SPA Exhaust manifold
      * Precision SC6262 Billet Turbo
      * Presision 44mm Wastegate
      * 3" Steinless exhaust with 2 SIMONS silencers
      * PPF 50mm BOV
      * 450X300x75 Intercooler
      * BMC Airfilter
      * Link G4 Atom EMS
      * Audi ignition coils
      * Siemens DEKA 895cc injectors
      * Bosch 044 fuelpump mounted in the tank.
      * Aeromotive AN6 regulator
      * Modified fuelrail

      The goal was 450rwhp on a stock M54B30 bottom end on E85 fuel.

      Building the turbo manifold:

      Installation completed at PPF, and on the dyno to start tuning:

      Super clean engine bay:

      Then I got this in an email, and I knew Jimmy and PPF must have been happy:

      So that takes us to October of 2010.

      The next step for the car was an M3 body for 2011:

      Finished result:

      Also in progress was a new turbo manifold and built engine:

      Also, in the spring of 2011, a PT6765 turbo was added to the engine along with the turbo manifold pictured above. This netted a solid 516rwhp at 1 BAR (14 PSI) of boost on the stock M54B30 engine.

      Over the winter of 2011/2012, a new engine was built to the following specs:

      • M54B30 Block, 84.5mm bore
      • CP Pistons 8.5:1 CR
      • PPF Rods
      • PPF Ported head
      • PPF Valvesprings + Retainers
      • Supertech +1mm intake valves
      • Supertech inconel exhaust valves
      • PPF M50 turbo cams
      • VANOS delete
      • ARP M12 head studs
      • ARP for the maincaps
      • SS Exhaust manifold
      • Precision PT6765 Turbo
      • Precision 46mm Wastegate
      • 3.5" SS exhaust with two SIMONS mufflers.
      • PPF BOV
      • PPF Fuelrail
      • Bosch 1700cc injectors
      • Aeromotive AN8 FPR

      In addition to the above, the S50 ITB manifold pictured previously was added, although using the S50 OEM plenum and runners instead of the billet aluminum pieces.

      In April of 2012 the car was sold to Fredrik the current owner.

      In May 2012 the car made 513rwhp @ 0.95 BAR on the built engine. (8.5:1 compression ratio) I'm told the car remained in this state of tune until December 2012 where it made 570rwhp @ 1.2 BAR before a head gasket issue arose.

      Then the stock head gasket was replaced with PPF Coppering head gasket mentioned previously, and we now have an incredible M54 world record!

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      1. Erikzzon's Avatar
        Erikzzon -
        0-300km/h was no problen with out 4 gear.... The gear box broke was i the first start with bad tracktion...wheel vibrationes.. I fix i movie on youtube under the weekend...

        The engine runs perfectly no problems at all =)
      1. maxnix's Avatar
        maxnix -
        Quickest race will be to the next E85 station for a refill before the tank runs dry.

        He will beat most of the old Turbo Supras.
      1. Erikzzon's Avatar
        Erikzzon -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Sticky Click here to enlarge
        You still deserve mention.
        yes jimmy deserve mention
      1. Erikzzon's Avatar
        Erikzzon -
        Friday fun

        Click here to enlarge

        brooken. One more try whith original parts

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        seth -
        good lawdy
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Oh wow...

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      1. Erikzzon's Avatar
        Erikzzon -
        On the wheels again, no broken parts after this test driveClick here to enlarge

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        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Erikzzon Click here to enlarge
        On the wheels again, no broken parts after this test driveClick here to enlarge
        Looking good...
      1. Erikzzon's Avatar
        Erikzzon -
        new oilpump for the oil return...the old one was not for continuous operation

        Click here to enlarge

        Click here to enlargeClick here to enlarge
        Click here to enlarge
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        Erikzzon -
        A short cut from the first test run
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        Sticky -
        Helping you embed:

      1. Erikzzon's Avatar
        Erikzzon - itīs realy cold here, no more drivingfor for a whileClick here to enlarge. But i got 5 gears again not just 4 as in the movieClick here to enlarge
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        DefactoM6 -
        I <3 this build.
      1. DLV-Engineering's Avatar
        DLV-Engineering -
      1. Erikzzon's Avatar
        Erikzzon -
        Sorry for the bad update..
        After some broken gearboxs, driveshafts and diffs it was time to do some thing. So now i will try with M3 drivline ... The first test was today with some starts and race against an Alpina with 720whp ,porsche with 400hp and some drifting in the city=)

        No problems at all =) =) =)
      1. Alun1976's Avatar
        Alun1976 -
        What staandalone system was being used on this?
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Not sure, @Erikzzon
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        Mikecoupe -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Alun1976 Click here to enlarge
        What staandalone system was being used on this?
        Vipec V88 tuned by PPF Sweden.
      1. Mikecoupe's Avatar
        Mikecoupe -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Mikecoupe Click here to enlarge
        Vipec V88 tuned by PPF Sweden.

        Edit:it now has a Maxxecu i saw at the first page,the new owner has it replaced
      1. Bees323's Avatar
        Bees323 -
        Awesome build!!!