• BMW Motorsport "Our new challenger" video introducing the Z4 GTE for the 2013 ALMS season

      The BMW Z4 GTE was already introduced with specs and a press release but BMW Motorsport decided to put up an intro video as well. Titled "Our new challenger" it's a great marketing piece as BMW videos often are. The car looks and sounds absolutely fantastic and no doubt will be a strong contender even though this is its inaugural season but BMW no longer has an absence from ALMS to use as a performance excuse. It should be ready to go out of the gate.

      Kind of interesting to see BMW M Performance Parts being advertised on the car considering that this car does not even exist as an M model and nothing in that part catalog will help anyone build their own replica anyway. It's too bad ALMS and the competitors are not forcing BMW's hand. It's even worse that BMW would have to be forced to build an M version of the Z4 these days.

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      1. Flinchy's Avatar
        Flinchy -
        lets hope they don't crash it like the GT3 Z4 at the bathurst 12h

        it's a very interesting Z4, be good see it be produced a bit more?
      1. bobS's Avatar
        bobS -
        Pretty cool vid......I wonder what the top right button on the steering wheel labeled "fancy" is for?
      1. Brey335i's Avatar
        Brey335i -
        I was just about to say that's a fancy button they got there...
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Probably gives the ALMS officials oral when pressed or else how do you explain them getting away with basically the rules?
      1. Black Sheep's Avatar
        Black Sheep -
        Looks pretty dope to me
      1. inter1032's Avatar
        inter1032 -
        no more m3?
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by inter1032 Click here to enlarge
        no more m3?
        No more.