• Did ESS damage a car running another tune on purpose at Mfest?

      I'm not saying they did, just providing the information for you guys to decide for yourselves. This thread was censored where it originated so it became necessary for the discussion to be hosted here where everyone can get the uncensored details, as usual.

      Here is what happened:

      Guy goes to Mfest.
      Guy has Powerchip tune.
      Guy decides to try out ESS tune.
      Says he doesn't want it, wants to go back to powerchip.
      Claims ESS got upset and put a file in his car that damaged it as "revenge" or "payback" for not making the switch.

      Quote Originally Posted by BMW-PRINCE
      I attended Mfest 4 this year. I partcipated at the track and had the Powerchip tune on my car since April 22nd 2009. The car has been nothing but perfect. I haven’t had a single problem with it. When I went to the track, Eloy from RPI talked to me and offered me at tune. He said it will tune more power than the current one I had and it will give me more mid-range HP. Thinking it is a RPI chip, he then referred me over to Roman from ESS. I spoke to him and he gives me a deal that if I don’t like his tune he will put the Powerchip tune back in my car. I took the deal and he also gave me the DCT tune to try.

      I finished from one track session and I did not like the ESS tunes. I asked ESS to put back my Powerchip tune, and Roman gave me attitude and was upset saying it will take him another 40 minutes to reflash it. He then told me that my car will blow from Powerchip’s tune and that it could blow on my way home. He recommended I should be flashed back to stock because when I drive off from now I will have nothing but problems. Knowing the tune was reliable from one year experience, I kept the tune in my car from Powerchip. As soon as I drove off I got emissions light on. Constantine and Max were there next to me to witness what happened. I showed numerous Mfesters and they were puzzled. I then got brake light malfunctions the next day and all these different malfunctions came up. Omar from San Diego, a fellow Mfester who’s a technician, checked my car and said the malfunctions on the car but the OBD scanner is saying there are no problems. Matt from Powerchip overseen Omar checking my car and I explained the situation to him. He checked my car and noticed my software tune was not the same one I originally had before. My car was acting up from when Roman touched my car with his tune. I then called BMW from my car and they said to drive it back and whenever I can to take it to the dealership.

      The next day when I got back from Las Vegas, my car would not start. Numerous malfunctions came on the screen and it would not switch into neutral. A flat bed tow truck came and towed my car to the nearest dealership. The dealership checked my car and was clueless as to what was wrong. After many tests, the DME on my car burned and I just got my car back today. I feel very upset and disappointed with ESS for what they did to my car. ESS offered a “trial” to bring customers. I did not like it and that doesn’t give them the green light to ruin my car. I write this so all Mfesters are aware of what happened to me and so everyone can be careful as I know everyone’s M means a lot to them. SHAME ON ESS!

      I got my car back today and luckily made it to the 626 meet in time tonight.If you have any questions or comments please feel free to message me. I have attached my repair order for everyone to see.
      The repair paperwork:

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      The original thread (which has now been censored) :

      Now, is there anything to this? Decide for yourselves, but it is valid to bring up what is going on.

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