• BMW will not respond to AMG and Audi's challenge with an all wheel drive xDrive F10 M5 / F13 M6 - BMW remains "committed" to rear wheel drive

      Hard to take seriously what is coming out of BMW M head Friedrich Nitschke's mouth regarding BMW's commitment to rear wheel drive. Autocar reports Nitchke made the following statement, “Our philosophy in regards to steering feel and precision is that rear-wheel drive is the best solution. xDrive brings an 80-90kg weight penalty and the M differential is the industry’s best rear-drive set-up.” No disagreement from BimmerBoost here.

      The disagreement is that BMW is feeding us their old rhetoric that they don't even believe any longer to avoid a refresh to the M5/M6 in order to compete with the E63 and CLS63 AMG facelift which received an all wheel drive option as well as the new Audi RS7.

      It would be nice if Nitschke believed his own BS but does BimmerBoost need to remind him BMW does sell all wheel drive M "cars" today? Very, very heavy all wheel drive M cars? Need BimmerBoost remind him how absurdly fat the F10 M5 is without all wheel drive? Yes, there was a time when BMW believed rear wheel drive was the best setup and utilized it to keep weight down with perfect 50/50 balance but with the new models even in rear wheel drive form being heavier than some of the competition even with all wheel drive and the new M cars no longer holding true to the 50/50 weight balance philosophy why even hide behind the weight comment?

      The reason really is that BMW does not want to spend the money to add all wheel drive to the M5. Mercedes-Benz and AMG on the other hand give the consumer the choice. Mercedes-Benz and AMG spent the money to develop one beefy looking all wheel drive system for the E63 AMG.

      So how is it that Mercedes-Benz can give the consumer the option of rear wheel or all wheel drive while BMW hides behind weight gain in their cars that clearly are no longer lightest in their class while at the same time already selling all wheel drive M cars? Did someone at BMW forget they offer the M550d with xDrive all wheel drive? Why isn't that car rear wheel drive if the weight is such a big issue?

      Ladies and gentlemen, there was a time where what the head of M is shoveling at us regarding driving pleasure and steering feel thanks to rear wheel drive was true. But with the criticism of the new F10 5-Series steering feel as is and the rising curb weights, this is nothing more than pandering to emotion in an effort to avoid responding to the competition. Good for you AMG, way to meet the challenge rather than run from it.


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      1. Alpina_B3_Lux's Avatar
        Alpina_B3_Lux -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by JRCART Click here to enlarge
        Like it or not people want awd high performance cars and some of the fastest, highest performance cars in the world are awd, McLaren MP4, AudiR8, Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche 997.1tt
        You should get your facts straight before you go on a rant like this. But maybe that's too much to ask for in an internet forum.

        The McLaren is a RWD car, both the MP4-12C and the new P1 supercar.

        Porsche's race track oriented cars (GT3, GT2) have always been RWD cars.

        Audi of course would make a AWD car as they're the pioneers of AWD with their quattro concept since the 80s. The Gallardo is only a re-packaged R8, so it obviously shares the same concept.

        Mercedes' own SLS is not an AWD car.

        There are lots of examples of very high powered cars that are not AWD - all the Aston Martins (including the One-77), all Ferraris (except this ugly new Z3-coupé-after-an-accident thing), Pagani, Koenigsegg...

        After all, your argument does not hold much merit I think.

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        Impulsoren -
        "My buddy has an EVO X, and I couldn't disagree more... "

        Well, my argument was based on the earlier Evo 8 and 9, lighter, quicker steering, manual transmission cars. The Evo 10 definitely has all the bells and whistles with the drivetrain, and I agree that it is a little detrimental to the driving experience. I have driven the Evo 8 RS, Evo 9, Evo 10, E36 M3, E46 M3. The Evo 8/9 RS is better from a performance driving standpoint than any of the others. The BMW's and Evo 10 give up too much in the form of comfort (barring the E30, which I haver never had the joy of trying out in M form)
        Nurburgring times have little to do with use in the USA. I have been on every track within a day's driving distance to my home and none are anything like the Nurburgring. I sold the evo to get an M5 because I already had a race car, and the evo was actually too much like the race car for a daily driver. The M car is perfect for a daily driver. Great at high speed on a straight road. Not as good on anything with a corner.
        You can have AWD and it won't ruin your driving experience, you can have a BMW with RWD and still have it be a boat. I wish BMW would make an M-car that weighs 3500 lbs or less, and could be had in RWD or AWD like MB does. And make an option like the Evo with manual window cranks, no radio, no sound deadening, etc.