• New S85 V10 and E60 M5 horsepower record set by Gintani supercharged Stage I E60 M5 - 646 wheel horsepower on a Dynojet

      Congratulations to Gintani for setting a new S85 V10 horsepower record with their E60 M5 Stage I supercharger kit. You may recall in December of last year the completed kit was announced and a dynograph from a Dyno Dynamics was posted showing 530 wheel horsepower. BimmerBoost stated these numbers at around 6.5 psi of boost would be in the ~600 wheel horsepower range only for some fanboys running a competing kit to snicker.

      Well, a new horsepower record has been set with 7.2 psi of boost on a Dynojet showing 646 wheel horsepower in STD correction. Very, very impressive results for a fairly mild Stage I kit. Additional modifications on the car are secondary cat delete and Eisenmann rear section. The headers are stock.

      There is no Stage II kit being offered at the moment although it may come later.

      Congratulations to Gintani. Dynographs, pictures, and video below.

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        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by benzy89 Click here to enlarge
        GPower usually doesn't provide dyno graphs,
        Yep, that's their problem. They need to get their asses out to a dyno as I don't care what they rate their packages @ the crank.

        This definitely is the strongest stock internal post so far...
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        Linracing -
        This is insane!
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by keikdasneak Click here to enlarge
        This is insane!
        It's certainly not bad and it can only get better.
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        leo985i -
        Very impressive indeed for stage 1. Congrats!!!
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        johnnydrama -
        Good stuff. I have no reps to post this video but I found this on youtube. Hopefully someone can upload it up. Search on youtube: M5 Vs SL65 AMG
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        benzy89 -
        Pretty sure I got the right video

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        folgrz -
        Wow this is so sick. S85 making nearly 650whp on crappy 91 fuel @ 7lbs

        Get one over to the east coast!!
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        import36 -
        sounds friggin' awesome. really makes me want an m5 now...geezus that thing rolls out
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        Makes me miss my M5
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        very solid numbers!
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        Was over at Gintani today. Guys, this is simply great stuff and awesome numbers for crap 91 octane without headers.
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        JakeB -
        Very impressive, great work and great looking!
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        deemo319 -
        That whole set up is cold! Am looking for an E64 M6 Cabriolet with a manual right now.Christmas!!!!!!!!
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        Looks like this might be the standard for FI for the S85! That thing is pulling hard if its moving from a 65!
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        Saw this car next to me the other day roaring through the streets of Glendale, it was amazing.