• ESS-Tuning versus Evolve Automotive Round 2 - Spin, lawsuits, threats, allegations of dangerous/basic tuning, and more ugly behavior

      You just could not make this stuff up even if you tried. So, ESS-Tuning (who must love reading BimmerBoost) took a look at this article regarding the posted e-mails from Asbjorn@ESS and decided to continue berating Evolve Automotive as well as their former customer for daring to try a different tune with the hardware that he purchased and is his property to use and tune in whatever manner he pleases. This rather than taking the high road and apologizing, who would have guessed?

      It gets better. So Absjorn at ESS claims he "knew" his e-mails would get posted on BimmerBoost in this most recent absurd e-mail although if you look over the previous e-mails there is absolutely no mention of this. Ya, um, ok, whatever you say buddy. This latest one was written obviously knowing it would get back to me. So, let's analyze it.

      First, we start with the claim that Absjorn took a look at Evolve's software already on an M3 that they then tuned. Asbjorn at ESS calls it "basic" and "shocking" saying it will lead to catastrophic engine failure. BimmerBoost is somewhat surprised Asbjorn did not blame the Evolve software for global warming, terrorism, and the state of the economy as well. Hyperbole aside, Asbjorn claims the motor has to be on borrowed time.

      This, ladies and gentlemen, with absolutely no evidence. Just take his word for it, seems like a reasonable fellow doesn't he? So no readout, no engine failure, no disassembled motor to point to, no datalogs, nothing. Just his "expert" claim designed to put down a fellow tuner who is getting a lot of his business. And somehow this tuner he is claiming is dangerous whose tune will lead to "catastrophic failure" is somehow doing a better job with the same hardware. Hey, you figure it out because I'm still looking for the logical correlation.

      Ok so now that we have the absurdly pathetic scare tactic out of the way let's just get to the really petty stuff. ESS claims due to their "shocking" finding (which is not documented or displayed in any way, shape, or form by them or any Evolve customer for that matter, (as in about as much evidence as Asbjorn saying the Tooth Fairy exists) they will now include a warning in their supercharger installation manuals specifically targeting Evolve saying they warn against installing any forced induction kit on any Evolve tuned car as the motor is likely "structurally compromised" due to abnormalities. Please attempt to control your laughter, this isn't funny. Ok, yes it is, laugh away.

      So the threat is that Evolve tuning somehow "compromises" the engines integrity and all warranty support from ESS will be voided. Um, this warranty support isn't for the factory BMW motor anyway so what is the big threat? If the supercharger were to fail the phone call would be to Vortech to honor their warranty so all one would lose is apparently dealing with someone who appears to be out of their mind.

      The e-mail ends with insults lobbed at Sal regarding his "lack of ability" and word getting out about it. Also asking for Evolve to sue them over e-mails, seriously. Asbjorn, the only thing the word is getting out about would be a bit of mental instability on your end. Take a step away from the keyboard. Maybe go on vacation. I'm sure your scare tactics have generated enough money for you. Get a massage maybe to help with the stress? Either way, stop embarrassing yourself and grow up. For your own sake (and sanity).

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        whoosh -
        Evolve has a great reputation in the turbo Volvo community, at least back when I had a V70R. I don't recall hearing of anyone blowing up with their tunes. the guy from ESS isn't doing anything good by begging for lawsuits and for this dirty laundry to continue to be aired in public.

        Good tuners let their products do the talking. Poor tuners trash talk and intimidate those that don't swing off their nuts.
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        S62R -
        Evolve automotive and the Volvo tuning company evolve are two completely different companies.
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        Imran@Evolve -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by S62R Click here to enlarge
        Evolve automotive and the Volvo tuning company evolve are two completely different companies.
        Correct. The Volvo tuning company is called Elevate now.
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        MisterEm -
        Thanks for posting this email Joe from my Colorado comrade.

        AJ is off his rocker and still blowing smoke about the non-existent warranty!
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        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by MisterEm Click here to enlarge
        AJ is off his rocker
        Ya think?
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        EsNiko -
        Wtf is going on with the world today??? So much for customer satisfaction or service.... Talking the talk don't get you no where these days, walking the walk does. Some ppl shouldn't be allowed to run a business. If the stuff you're doing isn't as good...... Go back to the table and come up with something better.