• BimmerBoost to host an E9X Tuner Dyno Comparison

      After speaking with ESS over the past few days it was suggested that a friendly dyno comparison should take place with ESS coming out to California to participate on a third party dynojet.

      BimmerBoost will be organizing the event that tentatively is scheduled for mid-June. The date may change to be able to accommodate everyone.

      This will simply be a friendly dyno comparison of all the available options for the E9X M3 as well as the N54. The royal rumble of tuning so to speak So, who is going to participate?




      Powerchip (contacted and has responded, depends on the dates)
      VF E92 SC (contacted, responded, still tuning, not going to pressure them, our deadline is not their deadline)
      OE Tuning

      Waiting for response:

      Active Autowerke

      I have made sure to extend the invitation to everyone. Note, this is not a competition but simply a comparison at the same time and same place by a third party for the benefit of all the consumers. I do not expect Active Autowerke to fly across the country for this and the invitation was simply extended as a courtesy to them and to let everyone know that all are welcome, no one is being excluded on purpose or due to politics.

      There have been many discussions about a dyno comparison but no one has made it happen. Well, here you guys have it laid out for you, who is going to participate, when, why, and the results will speak for themselves. This is not about winning or losing.

      We will source independent customer cars if necessary in order to represent all the options as best as possible. A dynojet will be used and boost logging will be done as well.

      Look for more details in this thread over the next few days and thank you to ESS, Technik + G-power, Gintani, BMS, and CP-E in their enthusiasm for letting their products speak for themselves.

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