• BMW Considering an M7?

      We have learned that BMW is potentially considering an M7. Why? The recent sightings of the Audi S8 testing and the rumor of it getting an uprated version of the RS6's V10 Twin Turbo with over 600 hp have BMW considering the idea.

      BMW already has a V12 Twin Turbo in the 760 which puts out 535 hp and 560 lb-ft of torque using very small turbos. If this motor was mated with the X5/X6 M turbochargers it would result in a devastatingly powerful vehicle which would be more than an answer to the S8 and finally give BMW a direct rival to the S-Class AMG's. Due to the torque, the automatic transmission from the X5 and X6 M would be used. What else is interesting? The M7 would potentially be available in AWD.

      Potential Specs:

      Engine: Turbo V12 with M Twin Scroll Turbo Technology
      Power: 650-700 hp @ 5200 rpm
      Torque: 680-700 lb-ft @ 1800 rpm
      Transmission: M Six Speed Sport Automatic Transmisison

      Will it happen? Probably not, such a vehicle would be extremely expensive although this has never stopped Mercedes or Audi. If Audi continues to put pressure on BMW especially by testing the S8 and RS7 with uprated versions of the twin turbo FSI V10, it may push BMW to do it. BMW is more than likely gauging market reaction to such a vehicle. Frankly, it makes more sense than an X5 or X6 M ever did.




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