• Single Turbo N54 Build - Built by JE Import Performance and tuned by Custom Performance Engineering (CP-E)

      I will share some more information with you:

      1) engine management- CP-E standback and profuel controller will be utilized.
      2) Fuel System - Custom duel walbro fuel pumps with six additional injectors. The six injectors will be approximetely 180-210 cc and be positioned in a spacer between the engine and the intake manifold. Fabricating a new intake manifold was not worth the cost.
      3) Exhaust Manifold - Equal Length Manifold
      4) Turbo - GT37 Twin Scroll
      5) Wastegates - Two Tial 38 mm Wastegates on each end of the exhaust manifold
      6) Blow Off Valves - Two Blow Off Valves. One recirculates air, one blows off
      7) Downpipe - 3 inch downpipe
      8) Exhaust - 3 inch exhaust
      9) Intercooler Piping - 3 inch too

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