• DCT Build Part IV - The Gear Sets

      Here is a picture of the DCT Gear Sets. One controls the odd gears and one controls the even gears. As you know, the advantage is in almost instantaneous gear changes due to this as the next gear is already pre-selected. One could describe what you are looking at here as two clutches within one housing working together:

      The outer one drives the odd gears and the inner the even gears. The clutch applies the torque to one gear set at the same time the other is being disconnected. This also generates tremendous heat and happens very, very quickly.

      The gears themselves are very well done and are a high quality cut as you can see. No damage to the gears themselves was done. Compared the the GTR, it seems the DCT tranny, especially its first gear, is pretty damn strong in comparison. No need for new gears but SSP will explore all options and see if there is a need to strengthen anything here:

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