• M2 based on the F22 2-Series Coupe preview and rendering - Entry level M car with turbocharged 4-cylinder power coming?

      We know the F22 2-Series coupe is coming as evidenced by recent spyphotos. We know BMW is considering an entry level M car which would likely be based on the F22 or F20 platform. An M2 would be necessary to compete against the Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG and Audi RS3 Sedan. Audi is already preparing to boost output of their 2.5 TFSI due to competition from Mercedes-Benz with their powerful 2.0 liter M133 turbo four-cylinder putting out 354 horses.

      So, this is a segment that is rapidly heating up and BMW likely would not want to be left out. An M2 would be the perfect vehicle as an answer to the competition from Audi and Mercedes-Benz and the powerplant would likely be an M Division modified N20 2.0 liter four-cylinder which would make a very interesting response to the Mercedes and Audi motors.

      With a likely curb weight in the 31XX pound range and a 350+ horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder the M2 would be a very exciting vehicle. Especially considering Audi and Mercedes will be all wheel drive only meaning a rear wheel drive car in this segment from BMW may prove to be the most exciting car to drive out of the bunch. Additionally, as we all know BMW turbo motors respond well to mods.

      An M2 would be a great entry level M car and drivers car considering how heavy and expensive newer BMW M cars have become. BimmerBoost says bring it on, enjoy the rendering below.

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        Most recent example. The reveal of the M6GC in detroit. Already down half second 0-60 and CLS63 is $15k less. really are not that special anymore to keep raising prices.
        I agree Merc higher end cars are become faster and more affordable which is 180 degree turn from just a few years ago. And as a bonus I generally like the direction they are going with design... minus the cars with the dual foglights on either side reminding me of a ralley car front end