• Could this potentially be the new BMW F12 M6?

      We know the F10 M5 is coming and will be revealed this year most likely at the Paris Autoshow. There has been no word on the M6 and rumors have been floating around that BMW will not do an M6 in favor of a mid-engine car based on the Vision Efficient Dynamics concept.

      The new 6 series is obviously coming and it makes little sense to us that an M6 would not be soon to follow. The previous generation M6 shared the M5's drivetrain just as the new M6 would be likely to. Too much development cost has been poured into the M5 to not take advantage of it in an M6. With M SUV's now and M branding ever expanding, an M6 will likely be coming soon sharing many similarities with the soon to be launched M5.

      What would the new M6 be?

      - Same Dual Clutch Transmission as M5
      - Same S63B44 Twin Turbo V8 putting out 578 horsepower and 530 pound-feed of torque.

      The differences would be similar to the previous M5 and M6 with the M6 being slightly lighter at around 100 pounds with a lower center of gravity for better handling and a carbon roof.

      The potential design would be along these lines:



      We look forward to seeing BMW officially confirm a new M6 is coming.

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