• Burger Tuning (BMS) Stage I tune for N63 vehicles (650i, 550i, 750i, xDrive50i) coming soon, dyno results and boost figures - +25 wheel horsepower on pump gas

      BMS (Burger Tuning) is tackling the N63 4.4 liter Twin Turbo V8 platform which is great news for BMW enthusiasts. Up until now the only way to get a tune on these motors was through a flash. The BMS piggyback makes for an easy install and this is a mild tune (and in beta testing form) offering up only a boost of around 2 psi. This is less than the most powerful flash options but on par with the Dinan Stage III tune for far less money.

      If the product proves popular (it will) they will explore higher stages.


      "Hey guys,

      Thanks to a generous customer I was able to borrow a 2009 750i N63 to play around with a bit. This is the same motor used in the 550i, which (as I understand it) is a detuned version of the same motor used in the new M5.

      They advertise it at around 445hp so I was curious to see what it would put down on a dynojet. Best run was 387whp and 448whp. Not too shabby.

      While I had it here I did a little tuning via an N63 Stage1 tune I designed for it. It's a very mild and easy to install tune, going for the easy horsepower with it. If it catches on we'll explore higher stages. But just with around 2psi more than stock using the Stage1 tune we were able to get power up to 412whp / 482wtq.

      This car is huge and on the road the extra power is noticeable. We'll have to hunt down a local 550 next for testing."

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