• Happy Holidays from BimmerBoost - BMW N54 Vargas Turbocharger upgrade giveaway/raffle/contest

      Happy Holidays from and all the GermanBoost Network sites. BimmerBoost would like to thank its users for their support and the strong community built here that continues to rapidly expand. It is no secret this is now the main site for technical BMW information as well as high performance modification thanks to the most knowledgeable and experienced userbase in the BMW forum sphere. Quite simply, BimmerBoost has evolved into the top performance/modification community in the BMW world and the rest of the GermanBoost network is following suit.

      This would not be possible without the core userbase. I would like to thank each and every one of you by giving back to the community that has given me so much. To be clear, BimmerBoost does not have to do this. BimmerBoost is not as profitable as the larger sites (although gaining, at a surprising rate). Yet, the administration here has absolutely no problem giving back to the community. This should speak volumes in of itself and make users question just how much other sites actually care about their users and their community or if their users are nothing more than a commodity. BimmerBoost is showing its gratitude in agreeably a very generous fashion.


      This giveaway is for a Stage I Hybrid Vargas Turbo upgrade (approximately $1699 value):

      Stage 1 Hybrid upgrade: We start with a freshly rebuilt stock unit using all OEM spec internals, carefully machine the OEM compressor and bearing housings, to accept a TD04 14T compressor wheel. For the turbine side we clip the stock wheel to 7 degrees, we also remove the stock waste gate arm and flapper valve prone to rattling and boost loss issues and upgrade it with a 100% stainless steel piece to eliminate all of these known problems. These units also come with brand new factory OEM waste gate actuators. We chose the 14T wheel for the stage 1's because it is a much better match to the stock turbine than the 15T compressor wheel even though it means we have to set up differently to machine the different stages. Stage 1 is the perfect cost effective alternatives to stock OEM replacement turbochargers

      The value of these turbos can also be subtracted from a set of Vargas Stage 2 or Vargas Stage 3 turbos as credit towards those more expensive upgrades. This promotion will run from 12/13/2012 until 1/15/13 at 12:00 AM PST.

      To enter, simply submit your username in this thread. You must have a minimum of 5 reputation points to enter. From your time of entry until the time the contest ends, every whole reputation point earned from the entry rep point amount will count as 1 entry. The more reputation you earn, the more entries you get.

      Example: You enter with 10.5 rep points, contest ends and you have 20.5 rep points at 12:00 AM PST. This would equate to 10 entries. The more entries, the better your odds of winning. If in this example the rep point count was 20.4 it would only count as 9 entries as it is every whole rep point, no exceptions.

      The winner will be drawn at random at a time and date of the administrator's choosing after 1/15/13. Anyone caught cheating will be permanently IP banned, disqualified, and publicly humiliated. Any member can be disqualified from the contest at any time for any reason of the administrator's choosing. Reputation points gained for referrals will be disabled during the time of the contest.

      Good luck everyone! And Happy Holidays, from the GermanBoost Network.

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        PC Mac Dr

        Thank you ALL for Representing

        P E A C E !!
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        list updated
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        Gary, if you win these I will twist your nimples off.
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        Mark me down! I could use these! UsualSuspect
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        i'm in
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        I won't win this so not gonna bother.

        But I'll be repping every single helpful post that I come across.
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        E92 RNyC!
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Dr. G Click here to enlarge
        I won't win this so not gonna bother.

        But I'll be repping every single helpful post that I come across.
        Why won't you win? Get 100 rep before now and the end (EASILY DONE) and you get 100 entries. Stack the odds...
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        who is this!?
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