• What an S62 E39 M5 forced induction build looks like

      We don't see many S62 builds for forced induction, why is that? Well, for one, the cylinder walls are pretty thin as the motor is at max displacement. On stock internals it won't take too much. Properly building the motor is freaking expensive.

      The best S62 builds have been by Discovery Automotive. Their stuff does not come cheap. However, they do the job correctly.

      Check out this M5 build:

      Dyno of the car at only 6,000 rpm (it will spin to 8,000):

      Specs of the build:

      Engine Internals:

      Cryo'd block
      Coated block
      Custom Darten flanged steel sleeves were installed to eliminate the concerns with the OEM Alusil coated aluminum cylinder bores
      Custom spec'd Arias 9.5 CR pistons were fabricated
      Custom rings were spec'd for this project
      Custom spec'd Carrillo rods
      New head and main bolts
      Multi-layered head gasket
      Fully ported and flow matched cylinder heads
      New over sized Stainless valves (1mm greater diameter)
      New springs
      New Guides
      New Retainers and keepers
      Schrick Cams
      New construction of crank bearing
      Micro polished crank

      During the course of the rebuild all soft items such as water pump, thermostat, etc. were replaced.

      Engine Externals:

      Powder coated valve covers and lower plenum
      D/A Custom CF intake
      D/A Custom CF plenum cover
      Vortech D/A Shadowman Custom T1 Blower
      D/A Custom Fuel Rail
      D/A Custom Fuel Injectors , a total of 16 injectors operating in this system
      D/A Custom Velocity stacks with integrated injector bosses
      D/A Custom modified lower plenum
      D/A Custom oil separator and crankcase breather system
      D/A Custom fully programmable by-pass system
      D/A Custom billet lower pulley with Supercharger drive integrated
      Pre-loaded self adjusting Supercharger belt tensioner
      AquaMist injection, fully map able system
      Custom water/air heat exchanger
      Custom liquid charge cooler
      Nitrous Express N-tercooler
      Relocated the oil filter and the power steering reservoir from the left to right side.
      D/A Custom stainless steel oil transfer manifolds under the motor
      Extensive use of Aero Quip lines and fittings throughout the build
      High efficiency radiator
      Electric fan conversion
      Supersprint 4-1 Coated Headers
      HJS Custom Metal Cats
      Supersprint X-pipe
      Kelleners Sport exhaust

      Engine Management:

      D/A Custom Shadowman DME and system integration Software Program
      Desno Iridium Plugs
      Ignition Solutions plasma coils
      HKS O2 and knock monitor aka A/F Knock Amp with A/F monitoring integrated

      Drive train:

      UUC Motorwerks Stage III 6puck carbon Clutch
      UUC Motorwerks LWFW
      Custom Driveshaft
      Koala Motorsport prepared Diff with 3.45 gears
      Rear Sub frame brace
      Build process:

      Starting with the block:

      Here is a picture of the surface/deck of the fully machined block with a pair of the Darten sleeves visibly pressed in place:

      The Engine internals, 9.5:1 compression pistons, carillo rods:

      Getting to work:

      Here is a picture of the DCS pump now neatly mounted inside the frame rail. This particular modification is required in order to proper place the intake tube and the two mass air flow sensors:

      Final assembly:

      Custom water injection tanks designed to fit behind the fender on the driver's side……all they require are for the bungs to be installed for the BMW OEM level sensor, the BMW OEM filler neck assembly, a vent hose, and the feed line for the fully map able Aquamist water injection system:

      Being prepared to fit the Supercharger and supporting pieces:

      I'm not exactly sure which Vortech unit this is:

      Using a Nitrous Express N-tercooler setup on the heat exhanger, nitrous or C02 is used for cooling on the exterior:

      The comparison of the new higher boost pulley compared to the first pulley. Estimation is now at 22lbs of boost with this pully set up:

      Carbon Fiber discharge tubes having the water injection bungs bonded in place:

      Very nice intake:

      What wiring should look like:

      The Ntercooler system in use:

      The finished product:

      The dyno runs we have done were for tuning purposes only. We can share that at 6000rpm the engine was putting down well over 600rwhp running only a little more then half its boost. When at its full peak potential the Blower will be at 22lbs. boost:

      This car supposedly will make over 800 whp which I don't doubt. How much does a build like this cost? Well, D/A won't share prices as I asked a few years ago. Their setups are tailored to the individual so not an off the shelf kit. It also does not have an off the shelf price, expect to pay well over 30k.

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