• A peak behind the scene of BMW Forum politics - BimmerPost targets ModBargains

      The BMW forum game is honestly pretty twisted. Full of back room deals with vendors struggling for dominance of one another attempting to get every last dollar from every last user. Some may say this is business but on some websites this is how they extort money. Pay enough to get preferential treatment and your competition will find their posts are deleted, fans silenced, censorship is employed, and those who speak out are banned. This is exactly what ModBargains is experiencing.

      ModBargains was forced off of BimmerPost due to underhanded tactics and came to BimmerBoost looking for an open and fair atmosphere. This website is known by its users and vendors alike as the place that does not play BimmerPost's censorship and banning games favoring certain vendors. To put it mildly, you can buy yourself a favorable position on BimmerPost whereas here we expect vendors to stand on their own two feet. So if a user has something to say, and that something may be bad, we favor the vendor making things right with their customer. This certainly doesn't help the bottom line but respect isn't something you can buy. It's these dirty politics that are one of the main reasons that BimmerBoost and the GermanBoost network exist and are thriving.

      So what happened? ModBargains was on the wrong end of these politics and now any positive reviews of them are being systematically deleted to make it appear as if nobody has anything postiive to say about them. Additionally, if you are on BimmerPost and wish to say something positive about ModBargains, you will be banned and the name will come up censored. The right to free speech or even at the very least for members of the BMW community to voice their pleasure with a vendor are not things allowed if it isn't a vendor who is paying off the right person the right amount in the right manner.

      This was sent to BimmerBoost from a disgruntled BimmerPost member who attempted to say he was happy with ModBargains:

      "You didn't hear this from me... I don't want bimmerpost knowing I am telling you about it, but I read your thread about shift s3ctor sponsorship and thought you would be interested in hearing this.

      I guess they are now censoring their own forum users. Anytime somebody posts the word "modbargains" it appears as "***********" instead. Popular threads mentioning ModBargains are censored and then closed or completely deleted. example:

      They also are deleting positive customer review threads in the feedback section and keeping the negative review threads on their forum. There are over 100 positive customer reviews in the last 3 months that have been deleted.

      There's an old saying... "Give a person enough rope and they just might hang themselves." That might apply here... censoring the internet like this is simply not acceptable... especially a public forum. I think it's only a matter of time before people notice. A lot of the customers don't know their positive reviews have been deleted. Many of them haven't realized their posts are being censored and closed...[/quote]

      Here is another thread where you notice a user listing his mods and ModBargains is censored out so the user isn't allowed to say where he got his mods he is happy with:"

      So how about that? Hundreds of positive reviews are being deleted yet a handful of negative reviews, which obviously ModBargains won't even be allowed to address, are allowed to stay in order to sway public perception and the users are being treated like blind sheep. Is this a power ploy by another vendor in SoCal who goes head to head with ModBargains? You be the judge. Regardless, it's happening and it's sickening.

      BimmerBoost does not like having to link to its competition but there are times you put pride aside and do what is right. In this case, letting people know how business is conducted "over there" versus here and how it affects you, the enthusiast.

      BimmerBoost isn't afraid of BimmerPost and isn't afraid to make these issues known. We are the voice of the BMW community and this kind of thing won't be silenced. BimmerBoost thanks its vendors who want to help change the currently corrupt climate that exists in the BMW forum world. And if we have to do it ourselves then so be it.

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        Ive bought from Mod bargains and they were STRAIGHT with me Gracias Amigo Stcky for bringing the sheit out to light LOL
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        Gracias Amigo Stcky for bringing the sheit out to light LOL
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