• F34 3-Series GT (Gran Turismo) revealed completely undisguised - Wish they would put the disguise/camo back on

      The 3-Series Gran Turismo was captured completely undisguised during a photo shoot but the car is so damn ugly BimmerBoost would prefer the car with its camouflage on or in other words with a bag over its head. BimmerBoost wondered why another GT variant made sense after the failure of the 5-Series GT. Well, rather than give us an M1 supercar, an M3 GTS, or a Z4M, instead we all get another confused GT that does not know if it's trying to be a wagon, SUV, or both.

      Why BMW? Why do you force this crap on us? The 3-Series wagon makes infinitely more sense than car. BMW continues to try to create this niche and it's here whether we like it or not. Sadly, it does not look any better than the 5 GT as the awkward proportions remain. Will the car languish on lots like the 5-Series GT? Or will it be a hit on the cheaper 3-Series platform with less weight and greater fuel efficiency?

      Bimmerboost does not really care, this car is just too ugly to love. It would take several strong alcoholic drinks to even begin to approach this car from behind and even then you can't drive drunk so there really is no solution for getting inside one of these. BMW, hopefully this thing fails just as hard as the 5 GT and wakes you up.

      Now how about working on bringing us some more diesels, a Z4 M, and an M3 special edition that doesn't suck? Damn you BMW.

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      1. FLYING X5's Avatar
        FLYING X5 -
        This is... Craptastic... Just like the 5GT, this is absolutely pointless... It's going to fail just like the 5GT and they aren't getting the picture... This is why I'm not buying another BMW, next car for me is an A5/S5, not getting rid of the X5, but not buying another BMW until they get their heads (BMW Heads) out of the $#@!ter...
      1. lughed's Avatar
        lughed -
        i like the 5 series gt in person but this $#@! mugged out
      1. Eric335's Avatar
        Eric335 -
        BMW please abort this poor child