• Maximum PSI E46 M3 S54 stock DME/ECU turbo kit hits 523 wheel horsepower (562 uncorrected) on a dynojet with race gas

      The last time an update was posted on this turbo kit from Maximum PSI was September of this year when with pump gas the E46 M3 project car put down 467 wheel horsepower. Maximum PSI recently got the car back from Florida from tuner Nick G of Technique Tuning and they decided to put the car on the dyno with some race gas. The result? 523 wheel horsepower in SAE correction and 562 wheel horsepower graph as well whih was uncorrected.

      The kit will be using a new tubular header design pictured above, the car has not been tested with it yet. The runs below are with a steedspeed manifold on 103 octane race gas and 10.5 psi of boost. This was not an optimized race gas file, just the pump gas file with 2 more psi of boost. Exhaust was stock but with a cutout so likely not too much more to gain in this area.

      The kit should likely be ready early next year, graphs and a video are below.