• Announcing the Gintani M5 and M6 S85 V10 Supercharger

      Gintani takes pleasure in announcing our supercharger system for the S85 V10. Meticulous testing over the past year has resulted in a supercharger system that will deliver the incredible performance gains that M5 and M6 drivers demand in a safe, reliable package.


      - Vortech Supercharger
      - Water-Air Intercooler
      - Tuned on the factory DME
      - Various Manifold Finishes Available - Black, Red, White, Custom, etc.
      - Available for 91 octane pump
      - Water-Meth tune available as an option
      - 5.5 psi on stock internals, more with water-meth
      - Will be available in Stages I, II, and III.
      - Will be capable of well over 700 horsepower in various stages.

      Check back to this thread later this week for information on pricing, dynos, and availability. Please PM or e-mail if interested!

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