• Active Autowerke E9X M3 S65 V8 Generation 2 Level III supercharge dyno - 589 wheel horsepower at 9.5 psi

      Active Autowerke continues to update their E9X M3 supercharger kits and what you see here is the latest Generation II Level III setup. This updated kit features a Rotrex C38-92 supercharger pushing 9.5 psi on the stock internals with methanol injection and HKS iridium spark plugs. The result is 589.4 wheel horsepower and 378 pound-feet of wheel torque in SAE correction with 0 smoothing. The curve is jaw-dropping buttery smooth.

      Active Autowerke has tested this blower up to 11 psi on the S65 V8's stock internals which the motor held without issue. Pricing on this kit is to be announced but the offering as stands currently is as follows:

      • Level 1 6 psi 575 kit inc intercooler | $10,800
      • Level 2 8 psi 640 kit inc intercooler | $12,800
      • Level 3 9.5 psi 675 kit inc Meth | TBA

      Nicely done Active, dyno video below.

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      1. NikB316's Avatar
        NikB316 -
        Some very good picks! Love the Advans and in 19" they really don't weigh much more than their 18" version.

        If I'm comparing two sets of wheels and tires - 18" and 19" and say tire brand and size & wheel brand are constant - if their weight is just about equal or say 1lb off per set, am I missing something as to other benefits of the 18s?? I didn't realize how light these Advans were....and 19s look SO much better IMO. Any help would be appreciated as I have a day or so to finalize.
      1. JR M3's Avatar
        JR M3 -
        I personally think 19's look better. Although with 18's you have a bigger tire selection, its cheaper and you can fit a thicker profile tire for more grip. Not sure how much of a power difference you will see with between 18 and 19. Although, Ive seen a ~30hp increase switching from 20 to 18 though.

        The advans are really a good wheel and are super light. I think those would look the best out of my suggestions on your car.
      1. NikB316's Avatar
        NikB316 -
        Well did a ton of searching and settled on some mag blue 18" TE37SL with PSS Click here to enlarge

        FedEx also had a nice delivery for me. Just a teaser pic of the intercooler and blower box until Monday. Everything was EXTREMELY well packed !