• So what was rumored as an M1 then said to be a 135is may now be a 1M? Just pick a name!

      This M1, 1M, 135is shuffle is really driving me nuts.

      Here is a recap for all of you:

      - Edmunds has been carrying the story that there will not be an M1, no way, 135is.
      - Dr. Kay Segler from BMW said there would not be an M1. However, BMW has gone back on their word a few times as of late.
      - Some random forum no one has ever heard of has been playing up the M1.
      - BMWblog can't make up their minds and are just carrying both stories.

      So which is it? I contacted a friend in Germany who works at BMW but he says there is no M1. However, he is not exactly a high up exec. Take a look at these spy photos and video testing on the ring and make up your own mind.

      The car supposedly features a tweaked N55 which differs from reports earlier saying it would have a tweaked N54. There will be an LSD. The wider fenders definitely now change the whole perception and there has been no comment from Inside Line regarding these new photos:

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