• No more 4 door M3?

      Reports on the internet show that BMW has been very disappointed with the sales of the E90 M3. Bimmerfile is saying BMW will no longer consider developing a 4 door M3 for the F30 model due to it.

      Honestly, what does BMW expect? They launch the car during the second largest economic downturn in history and expect it to sell when they overproduced it and watered down the lineup? Maybe they shouldn't have made the 335 so close in performance? Maybe they should have offered more performance in the stock car and moved it slightly up market and limited production?

      BMW blames the US market for desire for the 4 door M3. Well BMW, maybe you should give us things like the CSL or M3 GTS instead of the M3 4 door? Smaller production, higher price, higher performance, more exclusivity. You give the US market the M5 and M6 in manual instead of the rest of the world for what reason? These cars sit on lots yet you keep the stuff we actually would want in Europe and feed us some crappy performance package instead that is basically a set of lowering springs you had sitting around. The problem isn't the M3 with 4 doors or the US market, just BMW not paying attention to the economic climate and giving us things we don't want and not giving us what we truly desire. The E36 4 door M3 never had this problem.

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