• Fifth Gear compares the BMW E92 M3 GTS and the Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series

      Fifth Gear recently compared 444 horsepower E92 M3 GTS and the 510 horsepower W204 C63 AMG Black Series. They do a drag race but it is only a 200 meter race, would have been nice to have a longer race closer to a 1/4 mile instead of an 1/8. Fifth Gear does a best of 3 and the first to races result in a split. The final deciding drag race goes to the C63. Without any numbers to go along with the runs it is difficult to truly know which is faster since the best launch won each time.

      They do a drift comparison to see how easy the cars are to control and conclude the M3 GTS is the easier car to control especially at the limit. However, the power and torque of the C63 make it easier to keep a drift going. The drift competition goes to the C63 AMG.

      Now on to the real question, which is the fastest around the track? The M3 GTS turns a 1:22.1 laptime with Jason Plato behind the wheel. For the C63 Black Series Laptime, former F1 Driver Mika Salo is behind the wheel. He is able to get a 1:21.8 beating Jason Plato's laptime with the M3 GTS. This makes it a clean sweep in all the competitions for the C63 Black Series.

      Not exactly a very scientific comparison here by Fifth Gear and it is rather disappointing considering their usually high standards. Using different drivers and timing manual with an iphone is rather amateurish. The drag race is not even timed so there are no numbers to go off. A drift competition doesn't really tell us all that much either. So although the C63 wins, the testing certainly was not up to par. Watch comparison below which is split into 5 segments.

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        I would take the Merc simply because I have the M3 already : )

        But, if I didn't have the M3, I would go GTS all day.

        Can't go wrong with either - both are murderous. With equal drivers it is hard to say...comes down to the course and the driver which tells you how close they are to one another.

        That defender is tits!!

        I like 5th gear. Glad that Velocity added it to their programming.