• **Powerchip Meet and Greet BBQ and Flash Meet** - April 8-10

      Hi everyone,

      We are going to be hosting a Powerchip Flash Meet at our Facility in Costa Mesa.

      Stage I Tune retails for $990, group buy price is $750

      Stage II Tune retails for $1490, group buy price is $1140.

      Please let me know if you would like to join. We are shooting for April 8th - 10th.

      Software Changes:
      15-40 Horsepower and 10-30 ft/lbs Torque gain throughout entire Rev Range
      Removed Top Speed Limiter - now you can go past 155
      Increased redline in gears three and up to 8450 RPM
      Optimized Throttle response in normal, sport and sport plus modes
      Increased shifting speed and smoothness for cars with DCT transmission
      Optimized Throttle Body opening (does not open all the way from the factory)
      Optimized Timing and Fueling Maps (high and low octane maps)
      Smoother engine operation, and improved cold start operation
      Reprogrammed torque management (** Some other tuners remove torque management completely. However, we believe that this is a factory safeguard and that these limits should never be removed but only raised to safe levels given your modifications).
      Ability to remove check engine light for cars with no catalytic converters (off road use only)

      What distinguishes between Stage I and Stage II? If you have removed or changed your factory cats, your car qualifies for the Stage II flash. All other vehicles fall under the Stage I category tune.

      Our tunes are custom dependent on your mods. Before programming your vehicle, we tailor the file that is uploaded to your car depending on your current modifications. We do not endorse "screen tunes" in which areas of maps (such as timing) are simply raised by selecting a portion of the code and increasing the numbers globally. Our tunes are dyno, street, and track proven. If you haven't heard about us please do a search and the reviews will speak for themselves.

      You can contact me directly with any questions at 310-488-2418.

      Please see below a dyno chart of a car with Fabspeed HFC's before and after our tune. I will also be offering a combo deal with our tune + the fabspeed HFC's so if you are interested in that, please let me know in advance. With that setup plus the tune you can expect massive gains on this car - I've seen up to a 40 WHP gain with this setup. That's huge! The chart below that is on a car with no HFC's which still shows a very significant gain with our tune. You can see how after the stock car drops off on top that the tuned one keeps making more power.

      We can also offer package deals for those that are interested in high flow cats/xpipe, or a crankshaft pulley. Drop me a line and we can tailor a package that suits you.

      Thanks, and again, please feel free to contact me at the number listed above or email me at /

      Here are some reviews of our software on M3Post:

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