• Fast BMW bike versus fast modified cars - Twin Turbo Gallardo and Jotech GTR take on a BMW S1000RR Motorcycle from a roll

      On the highway high power modded cars can definitely match and beat some of the faster bikes out there. A motorcycle has a higher coefficient as drag simply not being as aerodynamic as a sports car hurting it the higher speeds go. Still, the power to weight ratio of modern bikes makes them absurdly fast. The video below reflects this well as the S1000RR is able to beat the Nissan GTR although the Twin Turbo Gallardo is able to beat the bike.

      The Gallardo has a Dallas Performance Stage 2 Twin Turbo kit which is said to put out 1100 horsepower. The Jotech tuned GTR is said to be in the 940 horsepower range but gets walked pretty hard by both the Gallardo and the S1000RR. The S1000RR is capable of trap speeds just under and around the 150 MPH range meaning it is going to take some serious hardware to pull it.

      Enjoy the video below:

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        It's not really nonsense there are a lot of fast highway cars that take down bikes. Supras are famous for this.
        With the way these TT cars are making insane hp&popping up everywhere nowadays,alot of bike owners are getting butthurt on a regular basis and dont want to accept that they do not rule the mexican hiways exclusively any longer
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        Id love to see some runs from a dig with a bike and see how the TT cars manage