• Gintani E60 M5 + E63 M6 S85 V10 supercharger nearing completion, over 600 wheel horsepower - Pictures, dyno, and video

      Here is an update on the upcoming Gintani S85 V10 supercharger system which is nearing completion. It is interesting to note that the S85 kits have taken longer to come to fruition versus M3 S65 V8 superchargers due to several reasons including packaging, tuning, and market demand. The Gintani system has undergone several revisions and what you below is a beautiful supercharger system featuring a Vortech self-contained blower that is close to production ready.

      The Gintani Dyno Dynamics is a fair bit more conservative than a dynojet. At a fairly conservative 6.3 PSI with SAE correction the car puts down an impressive 606.9 to the wheels. The S85 is going to be quite a beast, like the S65 but better thanks to the displacement advantage. The only downside versus the S65 V8 which is based on this same V10 is an engine bay that is more cramped making it difficult to fit a larger blower but that is something to worry about much further down the line.

      Pricing starts at $15995 and they will offer special discounted pricing for the first 5 cars. If you have an E60 M5 or E63/E64 M6 and have been on the sidelines waiting for a supercharger kit, you may find this setup hard to resist. Dyno graphs, pictures, and video below.

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        leo985i -
        Can't wait to see this monster out in the highway ripping souls.....
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by leo985i Click here to enlarge
        Can't wait to see this monster out in the highway ripping souls.....
        Imagine the built motor setups... or imagine a bigger blower with a built motor setup... or... yep. Click here to enlarge
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        leo985i -
        Imagination is a beautiful thing indeed. Seeing those mind visualizations coming alive in the form of MONSTERS is extremely exciting. I realize I will probably never own this car much less buy this kit, but for those who are. Congratulations are in order!! No doubt this thing will destroy the ridiculously over-priced G-Power option, and give the ESS option great competition.
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        What kind of rims are those!! Look amazing on that E60.

        I have never been too amazed at ESS's SC kit for the M5/M6 too many owners not 100% satisfied. Im hoping this is gonna be better!
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        very nice
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        wow. very nice numbers.
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        Wow, I'll have to get in touch with them about this soon.
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        Do what
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        Nice numbers !
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        any updates?
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by disruptv Click here to enlarge
        any updates?
        Nope, likely not until after the holidays.