• M3 DCT Build Journal - Part III - The Clutch Discs

      Today, we will be getting down to the heart of the tranny, the clutch itself. These multi-plate clutch packs are "wet" as in covered in oil to keep them cool in the transmission. These wet clutch packs handle more torque than dry clutch packs.

      Here is what a brand new clutch disc looks like:

      Here is what a used clutch disc and steel disc look like:

      Here are what mine look like after 12,000 miles:

      Not bad work, huh? Here is what Kris had to say about it:

      Quote Originally Posted by Kris@SSP
      I would say you got your use out of this clutch. The fibers are all burnt on the discs as well. The steel discs are all done.
      More pics of the discs:

      So, I managed to burn not only the clutch discs but the steel discs that hold them there in only 12,000 miles, not bad. For those doubting just how much heat is generated in this transmission, there you go. Replacing this clutch pack with better discs made of a different material and superior steel discs will be the heart of what is being done. Once this is over, the BMW community will have a source of higher torque capacity DCT clutch packs.

      Stay tuned for Part IV.

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