• G-Power swaps an S65 V8 into an E82 1M and supercharges it to make the 600 horsepower G1 V8 Hurricane RS

      Now here is a 1 Series that can truly be called an M-car considering that it actually has an M-motor. G-Power starts with the 4.0 liter S65 V8 from the E9X M3 and puts it in the 1M engine bay where it seems to look right at home. They then add a supercharger on top of that to make for a car with a respectable 600 horses. In an interesting design difference from the G-Power S65 V8 supercharger kits, this vehicle has an air to water intercooler. A sign of things to come?

      G-Power also claims the vehicle is capable of 205 MPH which we do not doubt but G-Power needs to back up their claims. They also state this is the fastest 1M in the world. There are a few tuned 1M's out there with the factory N54 motor that may beg to differ. Nobody is doubting how fast this car is as people are aware of how quick supercharged M3's are but some performance numbers to substantiate their claims would be nice. Regardless, an awesome swap with a proper M motor under the hood as every M vehicle should have.

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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by mtarone Click here to enlarge
        The 1M has enough traction issues, the dash would be blinking like a christmas tree with this setup!
        +1 would be a very scary drive with all the nannies off Click here to enlarge
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        what are they asking ?
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by leo985i Click here to enlarge
        The color and trim is horrible IMO, but other than that, this car is AWESOME!
        They need to find a better person to handle paint and interior ideas.Click here to enlarge
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        However, I for one would like to open my hood and see that crazy high lighter color supercharger on my M3 and hope to do so soon! Black is just too plain for todays custom look. Besides all that gear isn't cheap so I don't mind blinging it up a notch UNDER the HOOD! Reminds me of the movie HOT TUBE TIME MACHINE when the pool lit up!
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        Put an Obama phone under your hood. Adds 100hp!