• Hennessey tuned Nissan GT-R with 650+ horsepower races the new F13 M6 coupe from a stop and roll

      Just a couple days ago an article was posted showing a video of a supercharged M3 pulling a tuned Nissan GT-R. Fair is fair and here is a video of a tuned GT-R beating a BMW. Now, the F13 M6 (yes F13 is the coupe F12 is the convertible, BMW ignored precedent for some reason) here is stock but even in stock form the M6 has shown what a beast it is. Even with over 500 horsepower at the wheels it simply is not enough versus this GTR.

      From a stop once into second gear the GT-R walks away. It definitely has to be making some power to do so and increase its lead the way it does. The second run is from a roll and the M6 appears to get a slight jump. The GT-R easily makes up any distance and walks away.

      M6 and M5 owners hopefully will learn from this video to not let the power go to their heads. It would be nice to see how the M6 would do versus a stock GT-R which would likely be a good race from a roll. Once tunes and bolt on's get out there for the new S63tu motor in the M5/M6, they should be monsters on the highway.

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        Not sure what the point is? Is there any surprise here? No.
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by maxnix Click here to enlarge
        Not sure what the point is? Is there any surprise here? No.
        Have you seen a ton of new M6 racing videos or something?
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        Look liked the Gtr didnt launch it hard enough.
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