• Ricer BMW owner with 400 pound of boost K&N supercharged automatic E46 "M3" gives us all a bad name

      If someone mentioned this but did not provide a video it would be almost impossible to believe. Absolutely draw dropping someone took it to this level. What you are about to see is a BMW that is the victim of its ricer owners incredibly poor taste and automotive knowledge. Now, we all respect people who want to modify their cars but there is a point where it simply reaches hilarity and this is most certainly that point. Let's start with the fact the car is not even an M3.

      Not convinced? Well, the E46 M3 never came with an automatic transmission. So, this is a modified 323, 325, 328, or 330 ci with M3 fenders and badges simply posing. That is rice enough right there and enough to make any BMW enthusiast put their face directly in their palm. It would be nice if it stopped there but the owner placed an intercooler in the front bumper that is not even connected to anything. This stuff can't even be made up.

      In the video the owner says he is running 400 pounds of boost. So much boost it blew the intercooler hoses off apparently. He also claims to have a K&N M3 supercharger which ladies and gentlemen simply does not exist. To go somewhat easy on the guy his English does seem to be pretty poor and he seems to confuse boost with horsepower which is amazing for someone who supposedly tuned this setup themselves. He also runs away when the guy making the video decides to ask some more questions saying he has to go. Clearly he was embarrassed and knew he was outed.

      This is one of the finest examples of ricer BMW modding ever seen. He would be laughed off any legitimate BMW site, well, except for Mfest where he would fit right in with the rest of the BMW ricers. Watch the videos below for the lulz.

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        i can't believe this $#@! just happened.
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by LostMarine Click here to enlarge
        you guys are ridiculous! How could you not see how modified the M3 was. Your right, it never came with an auto, he custom retro-fit it. why be like every other M3? plus he needed a built auto to handle the power

        The intercooler is fully functional. what you dont realize is his setup is for pure racecar. the side of theIC you see, is the actual air intake, notice how the toolbag video guy doesnt show the other side, its 100% functional. DO you relize with 400boost you cant run an airfilter, its just straicght into the IC.

        He calls a "K&N" becuase he learned the hard way about the above, it was so powerful it sucked the filter right into the original intercooler...its an inside joke to call it a "K&N" supercharger kit

        You guys call yourselves enthusiasts? $#@!, go back to school kids...
        Serious LOL ^

        Could you imagine?
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        jajajajjajajaj @ Lost Marine!!!
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        Can't believe I missed this! This $#@! is Click here to enlarge