• Tuned E60 M5 with 2 passengers races a DCT E92 M3 with mild mods from a roll - Video

      M5 vs. M3. One of the great debates of our time that has the potential to turn any BMW message board into a full blown e-riot. When the DCT M3 first came out many M5 owners refused to believe the M3 could keep up with it. Well, reality is it definitely can especially from down low where the lower weight and dual clutch transmission help versus the more powerful (and heavier) M5.

      In the video we see in the runs from a roll that whomever gets the jump holds their lead. Now, the M5 has two passengers so without the passengers we would expect it to start a slow and steady pull versus the M3 the longer the race would go. From a stop however the M3 shows the advantage the DCT transmission has launching versus the M5's SMG managing to beat it.

      Mods on the M5 are an Evolve R Tune and RPI Scoops. The M3 has RPI scoops, BMW Performance Exhaust, and a Gintani X-Pipe with high flow cats. Enjoy the race and we hope to see a rematch once the M3 gets a tune (and the M5 ditches the passengers).

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        Ah, ok.

        The S62B50 is a great engine, dont get me wrong,, but when you compare it to the other stuff BMW has done over the years its not that special at all, except the torque from 1800rpm. It's just that little bit more than the Alpina 4.6 did or the later 4.8L in the X5 for example.