• The awesome Schmiedmann sponsored/built Limmet Drift Team E82 "1M" with an S62 V8 and Vortech YSI supercharger

      Here is a very, very cool project that is sponsored by BMW specialist Schmiedmann and was built for the Limmet Drift Team. The project started as a standard 1 Series that then received 1M body pieces. The engine is an S62 5.0 liter v8 out of an E39 M5 that then received a Vortech YSI supercharger. The supercharger is mounted in an interesting spot low and in front of the car. Power is said to be around the 600 horse mark.

      First, they started with a standard 1 Series that received 1M body pieces, paintwork, and a cage:

      The hardware is impressive with an S62 V8 and YSI blower plus custom built trans to make it all work. Apparently the engine bay was not too cramped:

      Transmission is a used Nascar 4-speed with straight cut gears, custom bellhousing, and driveshafts:

      The final product in action:

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      1. leo985i's Avatar
        leo985i -
        That is so cool. It kind of reminds me about the car converted to a 1m with S65 in it.

      1. bigdaddycane's Avatar
        bigdaddycane -
        very cool, I've always liked conversions like this (when done well).
      1. singletrack's Avatar
        singletrack -
        Awesome car. Looks like easy-mode drifting with all that power. : )

        Would be awesome to have a gopro in the cabin to hear the noise and see how much input he is giving it, etc...