• ESS Tuning VT2-625 supercharged 6 speed E92 M3 races a C6 Z06 with headers and exhaust

      Here is a race between a mildly modified C6 Z06 running an Akrapovic exhaust and LG Super Pro longtube headers. The M3 has the ESS-VT2 625 supercharger kit and it is a 6-speed manual car. The Z06 does a pretty good job hanging in there considering the power disparity and that the M3 got a slight jump. We would love to see a few more runs but it is impressive to see a 6 speed M3 do well against a modified Z06 as it has pretty much only been supercharged DCT M3's getting the wins against Z06's.

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        ^Good find.

        Also, the pain of shifting into 5th can be seen here: