• Gintani SC kit...15,000+ mile review.

      So as many of u know I was the first Gintani SCed car. I have now had the kit for over 16,000 miles. Ive been wanting to post this review for a while now, I originally wanted to put it in Bimmerpost but their is too much favoritism there. I just want people to be aware of their options and know this kit is just as good if not better then any of the competitors. This is not intended to start any trash talking or any kind of vs. thread, I just want people to know my personal experience with this SC kit.

      I had my car with about 1,700 miles before I went SC. I went with Gintani originally because I had some of their products already and saw the development of their SC kit. I was really impressed with the shop and their customer service. I figured id rather stay with a local company so any issue could be addressed asap. I think the main thing that convinced me was the fact they made everything in house. Yes I received a 30% discount and free install but honestly Im sure I could have had any other company match their price.

      So with in the first month I got the Sc kit I went out to a track day at Horse theif mile. I had already explained to the guys at Gintani that my main priority was tracking and canyons. I told them if the car couldnt take the punishing that the kit was coming off. They assured me it was gonna b ok and that it had enough cooling for any driving condition. It was 102 degrees that day and I was running 25 min. sessions. I ran like 7 in total. My cars temps were not getting any hotter then any of my friends stock e90 M3s and my car would cool off quicker then the stock ones were. Just to give u an idea of how hot it was, their was a few smgs that day that overheated and going into failsafe. After this day I figured if my car could take me pushing on this track it can take any beating, I was very

      As I continue to daily drive my car I really enjoy how smooth the car drove when not under hard load, felt just like stock. If i didnt get on it I would forget it had a blower. The power kicks in very gradually and pulls very hard all the way till redline. The car had no idle issues and even on hot days with the ac on, the car acts as if its stock.

      I have now done about 6 track sessions, 2 1/8th mile events, 2 1/4 mile events, tons and tons of dynos and several drives at the canyons. Im sure anyone that has seen me in canyon drives knows I dont pussy foot my car and im always driving it hard. This kit has done more then proven itself to me. To be honest Id figure with the mileage and abuse I have put on this car something should have broke by now but thankfully the car is still running as strong as day 1 (knock on wood).

      Everytime I get on it the car just pulls very hard, always puts a huge smile on my face and makes me so happy with my choice. Ive done a few Mexico runs and the car has done very well against other same powered cars. Like the tittle says I know have about 17,000+ miles on my car and it is solid. The only issue I have had with my SC kit is staying off the throttle I have gotten 2 speeding tickets and 1 exhibition of speed since the SC install

      I want to thank all the guys at Gintani for their hard work and call me a Gintani whore if ud like but I am only saying the truth. I wouldnt bull shit another enthusiast just to screw him over, if this kit wasnt legit my car would not be running today and I have gave this car hell. Well hope this helps people who are looking into getting an SC kit and want to know their options. Feel free to ask any questions if I missed anything.

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