• Horsepower Freaks Attention to Detail - MSpired's M3 Diagnosis

      MSpired's M3 came to us a couple weeks ago. He asked us to install our stage 2.5 turbo kit on his M3 and utilize his existing motor from his prior VF stage 3 build. When we (John and ChrisK) disassembled the motor we found that the piston to wall clearance was too high and this was most likely the cause to his excessive oil burning problems. As a result, Mike had to source and ship us a new "used" block, which will be arriving here shortly for us to build.

      Many people have asked how his car is doing, so our techs documented everything they found along the way that will be cleaned up and fixed on assembly. Here's a complete list with pictures. I want to point out that our techs are very anal. In many cases there is nothing wrong with using an incorrect fastener but they make sure that all OEM fasteners go into their intended locations. I also want to point out that we do not know specifically who was responsible for these mistakes but they do exist on his car today and we will be fixing them all.

      Issues with car upon arrival
      1. Car consumes excessive oil
      2. Driver's seat loose, poorly mounted to bracket and the seat is torn at belt loop
      3. Modded air valve wiring
      4. Tranny mount supports are installed upside down
      5. C exhaust pipe has a hole in it - has been attempted to be fixed but still leaks
      6. B pipe exhaust support bushing is broken off causing it to hit the rear V brace
      7. Misc wiring secured to chassis with wood screws
      8. Very poor aftermarket sensor wiring
      9. Missing header/frame heat shield fasteners
      10. Wiring is ran from engine bay through both doors to electronics inside
      11. Front sway bar endlinks bind
      12. RTV on rear section to c pipe exhaust gaskets
      13. Both power steering lines are damaged
      14. Crank angle sensor is loose
      15. Headers rest against the motor mount
      16. Air temp sensor wiring is very poor and it's ziptied to brake duct bracket
      17. Moisture in both corner lights
      18. Very poor meth/nos wiring on passenger side of car
      19. Methanol pump is mounted to the windshield reservoir and wired very poorly
      20. Poor angel eye wiring
      21. Right rear wheel is curbed
      22. Front brake lines are ziptied to coilovers instead of their OE bracket
      23. Differential has a lot of "slop"
      24. Missing injector connector retainer 1, all fuel injector to rail clips and fuel rail to fee line clip
      25. Coolant rail o-rings are covered in RTV - no RTV should be here
      26. Coolant rail to head o-rings covered in RTV and rail - no RTV should be here
      27. Copper spray was on head gasket - no copper spray should be here
      28. Cam cap nuts lock-tighted on and shouldn't have been
      29. EGT harness damaged
      30. Oil filter housing gasket to block covered in RTV - no RTV should be here
      31. Cam caps installed incorrect in wrong positions
      32. Rocker arm rail plugs rtv to head - no RTV should be here
      33. Oil pan rtv to block
      34. Drivers side lower A arm boost is installed incorrectly
      35. Piston to Cylinder Wall Clearance is too wide causing excessive oil blowby

      Parts Ordered
      1. Missing fan shroud, fan, left and right deflectors and fasteners that connect the fan to the clutch.
      2. Missing all core support / coolant line clips
      3. Incorrect water pump fasteners
      4. Incorrect fuel rail fasteners
      5. LF fender liner missing. RF fender liner damaged, both are missing fasteners
      6. Incorrect drivers side ballast bracket and missing cover and fasteners
      7. Missing 1 RF wheel lug
      8. Incorrect front sway bar mounting fasteners - 4 nuts
      9. Incorrect charcoal canister cover fasteners - 3 nuts
      10. Power steering line has been cut, leaks and quick disconnect fittings have been broken
      11. Oil pan drain plug area damaged, beyond repairable
      12. Incorrect power steering line isolator
      13. Incorrect fasteners in center exhaust support - 3 bolts
      14. Incorrect fastener in driveline heat shield - 1 bolt
      15. Missing drivers rear sway bar mount fasteners - 2 allen bolts
      16. Passenger rear control arm bent
      17. All 3 rear section exhaust bushings need to be replaced
      18. 2 rear section exhaust bushing support brackets needed
      19. Incorrect rear section bushing fasteners to body - 6 nuts
      20. Incorrect rear section to bushing fasteners - 3 bolts, 3 washers
      21. Center section exhaust bushing missing - broken off of exhaust
      22. Missing bellhousing dust shield fastener - 1 bolt
      23. Missing bumper support fasteners - 1 nut, 4 self tapping screws
      24. Missing drip tray drain grommet
      25. PCV cap/line on engine cover broken
      26. Incorrect coil harness ground fastener
      27. Incorrect EGT/air pump nuts on head - 2 copper nuts
      28. Incorrect coolant reservoir mounting fasteners - 1 plastic insert and 1 self tapping screw
      29. Wire harness main fastener stripper
      30. Front right brake line is damaged
      31. Slip joint exhaust gasket bad
      32. Missing shifter bearing collars
      33. Incorrect IAC fasteners
      34. Incorrect throttle motor fasteners
      35. Power steering pump fasteners bent
      36. Power steering pump rear bracket modded beyond repair -- not available oe without purchase of pump
      37. Incorrect coolant rail fasteners, o-rings covered in RTV
      38. Oil dip stick missing washer, incorrect fastener
      39. Incorrect vanos line holder fastener
      40. Needs new thermostat and o-ring
      41. Coolant rail to head o-rings
      42. New water pump - covered in RTV
      43. New water pump gasket & o-ring
      44. Cam cap studs - 2 long, 2 short
      45. Constant oil pressure valve - covered in RTV
      46. Dowel pins for head to block
      47. Oil cooler hard line broken
      48. Power steering reservoir - pump line wrong
      49. Incorrect lower radiator hose clamp
      50. Missing rear head support bar fastener
      51. Rear lower pass ball joint
      52. New oil pump
      53. Incorrect oil pan fasteners
      54. Missing injector connector retainer - 1
      55. B pipe exhaust support bushing is broken off causing it to hit the rear V brace, will require modification to existing pipe to work properly

      Car rolling in

      Customer Requests Clean up of Brace Welds

      Missing Lug

      Bent Muffler Brackets

      Bent Right Lower Control Arm

      Brake Line Damage

      Broken Exhaust Gasket

      Broken Exhaust Mount

      Sealant on Constant Pressure Valve - This Is Supposed to Seal with an O-ring

      Crank Position Sensor Not Secured - Oil Leaking Out

      Cut and Leaking Power Steering Line

      Cut Shock Tower Stud

      Damaged Air Duct Brackets

      Bent Power Steering Pump Fasteners

      Damaged EGT Wiring

      Damaged Fender Liners

      Dent in Piston not caused by engine operation

      End Link Damage

      End Link Not Secure

      Here's the block with the head off and copper spray removed

      Excessive Loctite on Flywheel Fasteners

      No sealant should be used on Oil Filter Housing - This uses an O-ring gasket

      No Sealant Should be used on Thermostat Housing - This uses an O-ring gasket

      Excessive Sealant on Vanos

      Exhaust Damage

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