• First 8 second US BMW with full body and independent rear suspension - Djborya goes 8.97@153 in his E30

      Congratulations to BimmerBoost member djborya (Boris) who managed to break the 8 second barrier in the 1/4 mile with this turbo E30 BMW. As far as BMW's in the USA are concerned, this is the only one we know of to get in the 8's that is not a tube chassis dedicated drag car. The vehicle has a full body, BMW independent rear suspension, and runs E85 fuel. The 80mm turbo makes 836 horsepower to the wheels through a 2-speed powerglide transmission.

      This is likely the world's only BMW with an independent rear to make it into the 8's. Impressive and one of the fastest BMW's in the USA as well as the world. Congratulations Boris!

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        aquaskr -

        Are you part of the Slightly Overbuilt Motorsports? I think I saw this car and a twin black E30 down at MIR last October, but it looked like a 5 speed. Is the powerglide new?
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        Is the powerglide new?
        I believe it is but Boris will know for sure.
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        djborya -
        Yes the powerglide transmission was added over the winter last year it was still bmw 5 speed. And no i am not affiliated with Slightly Overbuilt, however we are good friends and talk/race together often.
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        Got the record breaking run on video and they still can't manage to turn the damn phone.
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        Creepy fv[king phenomenal run.

        KILLING IT!!!!
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by milkt Click here to enlarge
        Creepy fv[king phenomenal run.

        KILLING IT!!!!
        This is CORRECT
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        Keep up the good work.