• Official HPF FMIC review

      *disclaimer: this is an honest review. I paid for all parts and install cost. I am a customer just like you.*

      Howdy gang, wanted to post my review on the Horsepower Freaks (HPF) FMIC here so it is easier to find for those of you with questions.

      The size difference is substantial in this FMIC. The install is very straight forward. NO cutting of the bumper, so minor trimming required of the plastic stays which sit infront of the OEM IC. The C couplers where a perfect fit and after completing the install it was SOLID.
      I will have some updated dynos within a week or so to post which will compare my stock car to the one with the FMIC (with my exhaust upgrade too) Dynos prob will not do justice on this piece, but should give you an idea of the benefits.

      I chose to have mine anodized black for a completely stealth look. Both the polished and anodized look sweet. I was able to put the FMIC to the test this weekend with nice dry roads (and yes it was sunny in Portland)

      As expected, no real difference when driving in gears 1-3 and at lower speeds. However, what a HUGE difference when taking up higher speeds. I immediately noticed a huge pull while accelerating in gears 4-6. It was a great test cause i had been out driving on some really twisty roads before taking it out to more straight roads where i could put it to the test. My car kept pulling and pulling all the way through 6th gear and finally i had to back off cause i was running out of road and my speedometer was well past the 'recommended' speed limit. Every pull felt amazingly longer that dead feeling at the higher gears (despite our cars not having the greatest torque at high rpms).

      I couldn't get over how consistent the car felt on each pull and how much more power seemed to be available in gears 4-6. This modification has definitely completed the power band of the car and has made the HP/torque available while running hot and fast!

      Anybody who is debating this modification should seriously consider going forward. I assure you that you will be VERY impressed. I cant wait to take this beast to the track!

      FMIC side-by-side comparison

      FMIC install

      FMIC mounted front view

      Completely stealth

      Finished product!

      HPF is dedicated to superior service and products and will be coming out with Stage kits for our cars. They are in the works for a full turbo back exhaust as we speak!

      HPF FMIC Usage with HPF Stage 1 Turbo System

      The HPF stage 1 turbo system to be released in May includes our "end user tunable" engine management system (to be announced), HPF plug-n-play harness, HPF exhaust system, drop in air filter and the HPF FMIC with c-clip couplers. This kit is designed to maximize the stock twins potential while still retaining the factory IC piping. If you already have the FMIC with c-clip couplers then you can purchase the remaining stage 1 kit components separately when the kit is released.

      HPF FMIC Usage with HPF Stage 2 Turbo System

      The HPF stage 2 turbo system to be released January 2011 and will include all of the HPF stage 1 components "plus" our HPF intake manifold, HPF exhaust manifold with T4 flange for single turbo, A 67 series turbo, an aftermarket BOV (TBD), our HPF fuel rail and injectors, fuel pump, and new IC piping for the hot and cold side along with 5-ply silicon couplers and T-bolt clamps. For those that purchased the FMIC already in the earlier stage with the c-clip inlet and outlet flanges, they can simply ship it back to us and we will weld on the correct stage 2 inlet and outlet "beaded" flanges for free. For those going directly to stage 2 at this time, we will supply the intercooler with the correct stage 2 inlet and outlet flanges.

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