• BMW offers Motorsport parts through dealers for the first time in the USA

      This is the type of thing causes BMW enthusiasts like myself to stand up and give BMW a round of applause BMW, on behalf of all BMW fanatics in the USA, it's about time!

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      This BMW Motorsport/racing/off-road Parts Catalog gives you an overview of the specially
      developed BMW Motorsport parts. Some parts may not be available in the US and may not be approved for all racing series or class. All parts listed are intended for use on approved
      motorsport/racing/off-road series BMW vehicles ONLY. The parts are Not DOT-approved,
      homologated or street legal and may adversely affect the original manufacturer’s limited warranty on the vehicle. Installation of motorsport/racing/off-road parts on a vehicle may render it nonstreet legal. Suspension parts (including but not limited to struts, shock absorbers and springs) must be used together as a system and should not be partially installed or combined with anyother components from BMW or other manufacturers. Purchasers of motorsport/racing/off-road parts will be required to sign a disclaimer, waiver and release.
      So, they will give you whatever parts you want, but they refuse liability for anyone using them on the street. You will have to sign a waiver and forego your warranty. Big deal, some of us had already foregone our warranties

      So what is available? Well, everything for certain Motorsports cars. Here are the catalogs for the following vehicles:

      2008 Z4 -
      E36 M3 Group A -
      E46 M3 -
      E90 320si S2000 -
      E92 M3 GT4 -

      Definitely some nice suspension and engine options available. Plus lots of other motorsport tested parts. This is a giant step in the right direction and obviously not the entire Motorsport parts division, but BMW says more is on the way

      So, if someone really wants the P54B32 race motor (based on the S54), they can now have it:

      How about just the cylinder heads? Sure, no problem.

      So... that widebody M3 and Z4 Motorsport Body Kit? We may have those available soon as BMW says this is the beginning of an expanding list.

      Today... is a great day for BMW performance enthusiasts in the USA, thank you BMW, about freaking time.


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