• Inside look at VS Motorsports in Schaumburg Illinois courtesy of BimmerBoost member flipm3, great photos

      As many may already know, I get pretty much all my work done at VS Motorsports. They are a local race and service shop in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. Although they work on pretty much all makes and models, I can't help but notice their expertise and commitment to any car that wears a BMW badge. They daily drive BMWs. They service BMWs. They race BMWs. Not only do they have extremely knowledgable and experienced technicians, but every single member of the VS Motorsports team has automotive advice that carries weight.

      They aren't like many other shops that just recommends things out of catalog. They recommend products, parts, and car setup based of their first hand experience on the race track and street. It goes to show why many local NASA and SCCA racers specifically choose VS Motorsports for alignments, service, track side car setup, and inspection.

      Well I spent my morning at the shop getting some maintenance done on my car. I realized that I haven't picked up my camera in ages, so here's an inside look of VS Motorsports. They say photos are worth a thousand words, so hopefully you all can admire the high standard and level of work they do.


      A nice welcoming entrance to their shop

      Part of their display case in the waiting room

      An entertaining waiting area for their clients

      XBOX 360 + Recaro + TV = You do the math!

      VS Motorsports is an Authorized Dealer for WeatherTech, the best floor mats in the industry!

      E46 M3 CF Headlight Covers

      Bimmerworld E46 M3 Brake Ducts

      Motion Control Suspension 2Way Rear Damper

      Moton Suspension 2Way Rear Damper

      VS Motorsports E92 M3 Race Car

      E92 M3 Subframe...BEEFY!

      E92 M3 JRZ 3Way Rear Damper

      VS Motorsports representing on their own roll cage

      VS Motorsports E46 M3 Race Car back from it's chemical bath

      VS Motorsports stitch welding the whole chassis!

      VS Motorsports own roll cage in their E46 M3

      Nascar bars!

      Client's BMW E30 with Euro S50B32 and cage!

      VS Motorsports Evo VIII Race Car

      Client's BMW E36 M3 with Euro S50B32

      Kromer Kraft Headers!

      VS Motorsport's Manager's E46 M3

      Real and original Brembo GTR Calipers!

      Brembo Type III Rotors!

      OE BMW E46 M3 CSL CF Roof

      Authentic Flossman!

      Client's Toyota Supra MkIV on CCWs

      My car getting new wheel bearings

      Fancy KW V3s with Competition Valving

      Client's E46 M3

      Believe or not, there are stock E46 M3s here too!

      E46 M3 Rear Subframe

      VS Motorsport's Owner, Kris, working his fabrication magic

      More Evo goodness


      VS Motorsport work bench, of course with an Apple iMac

      A friend's E46 M3 with an ESS VT2-550!

      The parking lot on a normal day filled with race cars and other client cars!

      VS Motorsport's, Kenny's, amazingly mint E39 M5

      VS Motorsport custom E39 M5 exhaust!

      Zima Motorsports!

      VS Motorsports Trailer

      And this was just a short inside look of VS Motorsports!

      Thanks for checking out the pics!

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        Nice lookin place, might have to drop on by
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        Nice lookin place, might have to drop on by
        You do that