• Watch a 2012 Nissan GT-R annihilate the new F10 M5 in a drag race

      We do not understand why the Europeans keep comparing the GT-R to the M5 as if it is relevant. We posted this magazine comparison on BenzBoost last week where the French Magazine Motorsport compared the Performance Package C218 CLS63 AMG to the F10 M5 and the Nissan GT-R. We have a video of the drag race between the M5 and the GT-R now and to put it mildly the GT-R destroys it by over a second. For the M5 to even remotely be a match from a stop versus an all wheel drive dual clutch car with launch control it needs proper drag racing rubber (drag radials) and a burnout to heat them up. The French drag race about as well as they fight.

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        But the GTR is best from a dig.
        It has a traction advantage, sure.