• A stock F10 M5 takes on a tuned C6 Z06 in a roll on race - Z06 sandbagged to make the M5 look faster than it really is?

      The F10 M5 is a pretty quick car trapping in the low 120's stock. The C6 Z06 is also no slouch and has run 10's stock as well as trapped in the high 120's. More realistically though it is low to mid 120 trap car in the 1/4 mile. With even a decent tune, a C6 Z06 is not going to lose or even run door to door with an F10 M5. This is the problem with M5board videos as the former owner likes to make BMW's look faster than they really are.

      Even a mild tune will take the C6 Z to the high 400's to the wheels. We do not know what tune is on this Z06 or if it even has a tune at all. There is absolutely nothing to back it up, no dyno numbers, no tune named, nothing. Not to mention this is likely some cheap canned tune as the options in Europe for proper Z06 tuning do not remotely compare to what is done in the United States.

      The Z06 is the faster car here but the car appears to be shifted very slowly. F10 M5 owners will no doubt get excited over this video and think they can now hunt down tuned Z06's. We strongly advise them not to get ahead of themselves as a properly driven tuned C6 Z06 will embarrass them.

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