• GermanBoost German Performance Car Forum/Blog network passes the 10,000 member mark in record time - Thanks to all of you!

      We have reached and passed our first major milestone, the 10,000 member mark. GermanBoost would like to thank all our vendors and users for their support in making this happen and making it happen so quickly as well. We have passed several forums on the way here and now have definitively established ourselves as a legitimate alternative to the corporate automotive forums. One that puts the German performance automobile enthusiast first. With a base of 10,000 members (and growing!) it is clear that we are not going anywhere anytime soon.

      This clearly would not be possible without the support of a very dedicated community with members who put in time and effort to keep the sites busy and interesting. I owe a debt of gratitude to all of you. I do not want to name people or choose favorites here but you know who you are. There are members with build threads that simply set the standard as to what a quality build thread should be as well as those members who constantly post news and keep activity high. Thank you so much for your time and effort.

      There were many people who said this site would fail. There were many who simply sent ill will my way doing what they could to harm me. Companies have threatened to sue, people have thrown out any insult (and threat) they could, and the doubters never ceased with their negativity. Well, we are still standing, and stronger than ever before. This network of sites is a testament to hard work and perseverance. People will try to bring you down but ultimately nobody can stop you but yourself. If you continue to work positively at something you love, good things will come.

      I wish to thank our sponsors for believing in the concept here and supporting it. I understand this site can be controversial at times and elicit strong emotion on all sides. Through all of it our vendors have continued to support what we are building and I can not thank them enough. The sponsors we have are true enthusiasts at heart just as the members are. I can not convey how appreciative I am for all the support these sites have received and continue to receive from simply great companies in the aftermarket world. I want to make it clear that support is appreciated.

      So, in just about 2 years we have grown from 1 website with a dozen members and no sponsors to a network of 6 with 10,000 members, millions of views a month, a top notch group of vendors that define quality on their respective platforms, and a pace of growth that continues to accelerate. This is one of those times where I would love to point at the critics and say I told you so but the results speak for themselves. This is just the beginning as our base is now in place and the push can be made to get the entire network up to a high level. The future definitely is bright.

      There are big plans ahead including a subscription service with a multitude of added features designed around the users as well as a few things that have to be kept under wraps for now. I want to let everyone, members and vendors alike, know that I will be working harder at this as I owe it to all of you to give you the best I possibly can. In light of that, I hope to transition to working on this network full time later in the year. Thank you to everyone (especially the doubters for fueling me) and here is to the next milestone. In the process of getting there let's not forget that what sets our forums and blogs apart from others is quality over quantity and a true sense of community. That is why we have succeeded.

      Thank you from your admin,

      - Sticky

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        congrats! not many posts but been around a while.
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        Nice, congrats sticky!
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        susan28 -
        Thanks to the site where i discovered the twinscrew, and to milkt for posting his build thread about it here, to sticky and he rest of the regs for their hospitality, and to gg//m3 for keeping it real! It's for you guys that i come here. Happy M10K to you all..
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        Congratulations! I'm confident the forum will continue to grow. Seems to be a good mix of people that don't act like children.
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        *Post deleted by moderator*

        Oh wait, this isn't e90post! Click here to enlarge
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        Congrats buddy and keep up the good work !!
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        Grats Sticky, well done.
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        flipm3 -
        Congrats Sticky!

        Most of all thank you for providing us with endless informative posts and articles! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to partake in a great automotive culture!
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        Congrats Sticky! What brought me here is fairness and the sense of community on this forum!
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        Congratulations, and thank you.
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        Congrats Sticky!!!
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        Congratulations and well done; I know you've spent countless hours bulding this site into what it is. I must say that I do miss the N54 Tech "wars" between you and Hot Rod (and mostly everybody else over there) of a few years ago...good times they were.

        Congratulations again.
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        you should be proud sticky. i remember back when this site was just starting, all the nay-sayers on e90 (and prolly m3post, never was a member there) were laughing at the fact of a new forum. how everyone has been accustomed to the forums up already, basically that a new one will never compete with the ones up. and day by day you have proven them wrong. the best thing about this forum is the fact that posts don't get deleted. everyone has a chance to see either one side of the story, factual or fiction, or one guys opinion, and there is no hiding, unless you up and disappear like unfor.
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        $#@! yehhhh.
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        Congrats Sticky

        now lets have a party with a ton of big breasted strippers and a mountain of blow Click here to enlarge
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        I bet it gets even better after grudges are dropped and other forums forgotten.
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        Great work!

        Cheers Sticky
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        Congrats, I appreciate the fact that all members here are allowed to speak their minds, wrong or right, it's what's made me keep coming back. Good work.