• ESS Tuning VT2-625 supercharged 2011 E92 DCT M3 hits a new S65 trap speed record of 132.26

      Congratulations to BimmerBoost member Ricky (ERM324) who set a new S65 V8 trap speed record at the ATCO drag strip in New Jersey this past Sunday. The E92 M3 has a dual clutch transmission and was run on 100 octane with drag radials and a Gintani full exhaust. The 60 foot on the record trap run was 2.148 (the DCT is very finicky to launch) which means there is plenty of room to improve the ET and this is most definitely a 10 second car with a good launch.

      This now makes for the second M3 supercharger kit company to crack the 130 mph barrier boost only. It would seem the stock internal limit with a blower is the 10 second and low 130 MPH range. Congratulations to ERM324 and it is great to see more cars clear the 130 mark and raise the trap speed bar in the process.

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        Turner responded to this very question, as I was asking them about doing a stroked S65, they said its actually detrimental to the engine and it can only be bored out to 4.2-4.3. They said just on a overbore you can go 4.6L, but at that rate the liners are so thin they can only withstand 15psi max.

        to make high boost it would best be kept to a stock shortblock. Thicker linings will bump that number a bit.
        There is very little room to increase bore even with sleeves. 1mm or so max.

        Why would increasing stroke be detrimental? BMW does it themselves, the motor has a very short stroke.