• Another contender enters the E9X M3 S65 V8 supercharger ring - Evolve Automotive supercharger kit teaser

      The reveal of this information did not go exactly as planned as BimmerBoost vendor Evolve automotive wanted the reveal to take place here. Unfortunately, certain competitors got wind of Evolve entering the hotly contested E92 M3 supercharger market and set out to do their typical discrediting of competing products. It is for this reason that Evolve wanted to stay away from any other sites and do their reveal here. The official reveal may have been spoiled somewhat but here are the details on the three upcoming versions of the Evolve supercharger kit.

      There will be intercooled and non-intercooled versions. When speaking with Sal from Evolve during development BimmerBoost put emphasis on creating a non-intercooled version. Salman stated that he believes the S65 is extremely temperature sensitive from what he has seen from testing and did not necessarily like the idea. However, BimmerBoost believes an entry level alternative is necessary to what is already on the market. After some debate Evolve decided they will offer a 4-5 psi non-intercooled entry level kit.

      All Evolve kits use a Rotrex C38-91 supercharger. This is the largest supercharger in the Rotrex C38 range and it flows 11% more air than the C38-81. The RPM limit on this blower is 90,000 rpm, higher than any S65 V8 kit using a Vortech blower. No other kit features a Rotrex blower.

      This is the C38-91 compressor map:

      The C38-91 retails alone for $2595.

      [email]Sal@evolve has made a big point about the cooling when supercharging with this motor. That is why the plenum design is innovative and features a larger volume than competitors. The design of the kit is built around intercooling and not charge cooling.

      8 psi is good for the ~625 crank range. Here are dyno graphs at 7.5 psi on pump gas with the Evolve exhaust system:



      Evolve has tested up to 9 psi but believes anything higher than 8 is pushing it on the stock internals with this blower. Production kits will feature 8psi for markets with fuel to support it. Here are graphs at 9 psi:

      The kit will be available for export and will be available for 91 octane fuel like what is available in California. The kits for 91 octane fuel will feature about one pound less boost, so 7 psi. Here is a rundown of the currently planned kit offerings and specs:


      Rotrex C38-91 Kompressor (1100CFM)
      Self Contained Lubrication System with separate oil cooler
      High Tension Belt System with 270 DegC Belt Wrap
      Teflon Coated CNC Machined Billet Aluminium Bracket
      Teflon Coated CNC Machined Billet Aluminium Bracket Kompressor Bracket Housing*
      Teflon Coated CNC Machined Billet Aluminium Plenum with Optimised Velocity Stacks
      Teflon Coated CNC Machined Billet Aluminium Lower Bank 2 VANOS Cover
      Aluminium Crank and Water Pump Pulleys
      Evolve/ITG High Flow Foam Maxogen Filtration System
      8 x Bosch Motorsport Fuel Injectors
      Front Mount Air to Air Intercooler
      Boost Hoses
      Silicone Hoses

      Engine Management System:

      Calibration optimised both on dyno and road under various weather conditions

      Recalibrated MSS65 DME with optimized
      Torque Calculation
      CAM Timing

      Calibrations for 91(US)/95(EUR) + Octane Fuel

      Systems available:

      Non Intercooled 500-530HP System @ 5 PSI ---- Not Sure we want to release this yet! This is the one that needs the most amount of testing. Not happy releasing anything non intercooled.
      Air to Air Front Mount Intercooled 580-600 HP @ 7 PSI
      Air to Air Front Mount Intercooled 600-630 HP @ 8 PSI

      (Boost readings are taken at plenum)

      (Note Power will vary and will be heavily dependant upon ambient temperatures as the S65 is very dependant upon combustion temperatures)

      *Reduces Stress on Tensioner Pulley and has a secondary function of protecting injury from belt

      Below are some additional pictures. Keep in mind the bracket is engineered from high grade 6082 aluminum that will additionally be coated with xylon/teflon. It will be able to handle all the rigors of supercharging without flexing whatsoever. There are no spacers used in the bracket.

      There is also no cutting required for the front mount intercooler.

      Expect more details in the coming weeks as the kits near completion for production.

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      1. flipm3's Avatar
        flipm3 -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by benzy89 Click here to enlarge
        Prob why this kit will provide better, more consistent power numbers w/o the need for meth

        I can't wait to see the street/track results!
      1. singletrack's Avatar
        singletrack -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Sorena Click here to enlarge
        I've never seen someone doing this much 3D CAD work for a supercharger. Others just slap things together. Click here to enlarge

        Looks like it fits together well and leverages existing plumbing/configuration where possible.
      1. benzy89's Avatar
        benzy89 -
        With all the new higher HP stages being added to the current lineup (VF650, ESS VT2-650, AA now using the HKS 8555 blower), be interesting to see if Evolve pulls an ace out of it's sleeve with their kit
      1. LostMarine's Avatar
        LostMarine -
        Eagerly awaiting more updates. would LOVE to see a finished product and a anodized black manifold Click here to enlarge
      1. evolve's Avatar
        evolve -

        The final part of the puzzle is now at it's most efficient - the intercooler.

        We were already getting great results but wanted a better recovery rate for temperatures and the new core has given this to us so we can now finally go into production.

        We also played around with the intake a little more and that's also slightly more efficient.

        We could have released this kit based on the first prototypes of the intake and intercooler but it's been worth the wait as inlet temps are excellent as is the recovery rate.

        Will put up some images of what we've done to the intake shortly compared to our initial plans.

        Still making 625hp crank (dyno dynamics) / 515whp with correction factor 1.005. Temps are a good 15 degrees higher than our last released dyno results but the power has been maintained due to the highly efficient intercooler core. That's how much better it is so I am sure you will all agree with my above statement... it was worth the extra wait.

        R&D can go on for ever but I think it's time we call it a day now and put the whole thing into production.
      1. flipm3's Avatar
        flipm3 -
        One of the greatest news in BMW tuning history!!!

        I can't wait to see some of these kits make their ways to some of the engine bays of crazy car enthusiasts!
      1. LostMarine's Avatar
        LostMarine -
        Cant wait!
      1. Imran@Evolve's Avatar
        Imran@Evolve -
        Attachment 21422
      1. idnan's Avatar
        idnan -
        Excellent news, good to see that a tuner here in the UK is bringing out their own kit. Kinda makes me want to buy an m3 Click here to enlarge
      1. benzy89's Avatar
        benzy89 -
        Video's on Evolve's facebook of them giving it some revs Click here to enlarge
      1. Imran@Evolve's Avatar
        Imran@Evolve -
        This is with valves blowing to atmosphere - there is also a recirculating option for those who want it more civil.

      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Imran[MENTION=1803 Click here to enlarge
        evolve;335451]This is with valves blowing to atmosphere - there is also a recirculating option for those who want it more civil.
        The whole point of a supercharged M3 is not to be civil Click here to enlarge I love venting to the atmosphere it just sounds boss.
      1. 0-60Motorsports's Avatar
        0-60Motorsports -
        Looking at that manifold reminds me of transformers lol. Amazing work guys. Click here to enlarge
      1. LostMarine's Avatar
        LostMarine -
        My vote is for VTA, recirculating is boring, civilized, but boring.
      1. benzy89's Avatar
        benzy89 -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by LostMarine Click here to enlarge
        My vote is for VTA, recirculating is boring, civilized, but boring.
        Civilized, just like your exhaust
      1. evolve's Avatar
        evolve -
        First pictures posted on any forum.
        Some quick pictures as promised. These are not professional images. Just quickly taken outside of the car how it is. No cleaning of the engine bay. We use this car daily.

        The finish is anoldised silver on this one. Xylon coated in black comes at no extra charge.

        Click here to enlarge

        Click here to enlarge

        Click here to enlarge

        Click here to enlarge

        Click here to enlarge

        Attachment 21491

        Kit is in production now.
      1. flipm3's Avatar
        flipm3 -
        Looks so raw and menacing! I really like how the pathway of the intercooler is very short between the supercharger and feeding into the intake manifold. Looks to be very efficient!

        Keep us posted on further updates. I can't wait to see the black Xylon coating.
      1. 0-60Motorsports's Avatar
        0-60Motorsports -
        Looks so sexy
      1. LostMarine's Avatar
        LostMarine -
        AWE $#@!TTT!!
      1. folgrz's Avatar
        folgrz -
        Godamn that is a sexy kit!