• BimmerBoost welcomes its newest supporting vendor, COBB Tuning - AccessPORT FAQ

      We wish to offer a warm welcome to our newest vendor, Cobb Tuning. Most of our members should be familiar with Cobb especially those in the N54 section. Their N54 AccessPORT solution has been changing the 135/335 game and we all welcome the increased competition especially from a solid, well known, and reputable vendor such as Cobb. For now their main focus is the N54 but we hope to see other applications soon in the BMW and German car world.

      Introducing the COBB Tuning AccessPORT for 2008-2010 BMW 135i, 335i and 535i vehicles equipped with the N54 twin turbo engine. The AccessPORT brings hand-held ECU flashing, managing and monitoring convenience to BMW, unleashing untapped power hidden in the ECU with just the push of a button. The AccessPORT lets you quickly reprogram your carís ECU with performance-tuned calibrations for instant power gains without any tools, wiring, soldering or downtime. Reprogramming the ECU generates significant power gains while retaining the sophisticated control logic and refined engine response developed by BMW engineers. Simply plug the AccessPORT into your car, install the desired calibration and enjoy the thrill of big gains in torque and horsepower!

      The AccessPORT puts control in the hands of the enthusiast. Install the AccessPORT at your convenience in less than 20 minutes from the comfort of your driver seat. The AccessPORT is able to store multiple calibrations, making map switching easy with just the touch of a button in under a minute. Choose from many pre-tuned maps for different levels of modifications and types of fuels and be ready for any situation. For extreme modifications or maximum power output, our ProTuner network can custom tune your setup on a dyno using our soon to be released AccessTUNER Pro tuning software.

      Flashing the ECU for increased performance is just the start of what the AccessPORT is capable of. Set the AccessPORT to Performance Mode to capture 0-60MPH times, ľ Mile times and Trap Speeds. Switch over to Live Data and choose a gauge to monitor, such as; oil temperature, intake air temperature, throttle position, ignition timing, boost, MAF voltage, air/fuel ratio and many more. Select the integrated Data Logging function to record multiple channels of data for up to 10 hours for in-depth performance analysis. Go to Troubleshooting mode to diagnose issues by reading trouble codes and resetting the system once the issues have been resolved. Users can even configure the AccessPORT as a shift light that flashes the screen at whatever RPM you choose.

      The AccessPORT can even eliminate separation anxiety for those times you are away from your car. Protect your investment when out on the town by quickly loading the Valet map to limit engine revs and boost. And when itís necessary to remove the AccessPORT, the uninstall process is simple, taking under 10 minutes and restoring the ECU to its original condition. The AccessPORT can be installed and uninstalled as many times as needed without fuss or hassle.

      The AccessPORT from COBB Tuning is the most comprehensive hand-held ECU flashing, managing and monitoring device available for 2008-2010 BMW 135i, 335i and 535i vehicles. Satisfy your hunger for more power and control. Access the potential of your BMW today!

      Part Number: AP-BMW-001
      Retail Price: $895.00

      The AccessPORT for 08-10 BMW 135i, 335i and 535i vehicles will be available for purchase starting January 6th, 2011 at all COBB Tuning Retail locations and online at!


      Occasionally an "Unrecognized ROM" will be discovered during the AccessPORT Install process. If an "Unrecognized ROM" is encountered, the user will be prompted to dump the ROM using the onboard Dump ROM tool built into the AccessPORT. Simple step-by-step instructions for dumping an "Unrecognized ROM" can be found here. The ROM is then emailed to COBB Tuning and incorporated into the firmware. COBB Tuning will make every effort to incorporate these new ROMs as quickly as possible. This process can take up to five business days.

      BMW AccessPORT FAQ

      What models are currently supported by the AccessPORT?
      The AccessPORT is available for N54 2008-2010 BMW 135i, 335i and 535i only.

      When will there be support for XXX N54 equipped BMW's?
      Here are the development priorities for us right now.
      1. Continue to find ROMs for 2008-2011 N54 turbo engined cars and create maps for the 1, 3 and 5 series. This includes the xi and is. We are waiting for a ROM to be provided for the N54 equipped Z4 to see what efforts are required. The X6 is currently lowest on the priority list for N54 vehicle support.
      2. Finish developing the serial based communications protocol to enable AccessPORT compatibility with 2007 model year 1, 3 and 5 series.
      3. Stage2 maps for supported vehicles.
      4. Finish development of AccessTUNER Pro and get this into the hands of professional tuners (end of 1Q11).
      5. AccessTUNER Race end-user tuning software will be released after AccessTUNER Pro has stabilized.

      Is there/will there be 2007 335i support?
      Yes, the 2007 335i is now supported by the COBB Tuning AccessPORT. You must update your AccessPORT with the latest BETA firmware to add this functionality. All non-supported ROMs must be downloaded and sent to so that we can add specific ROM support.

      Is there 335xi support?
      Yes, we support all models of 2007-2010 135i, 335 and 535 vehicles. If you find that you have a non-supported ROM, please use the ROM download feature to send your ROM to us so we can add your ECU ROM to our list of supported vehicles.

      When will there be support for EU, Gulf Spec, Australian spec N54 equipped BMW's?
      Although the ECUs may be similar, there is a significant amount of effort and support required for each global region. There are an equal or greater number of the ROMs for each make/model/year in each region as well as different fuel grades to account for. Then calibrations must be developed for each of these vehicles with the appropriate fuel grade, and further testing must be accomplished before the release of the product. Then support must be provided to improve calibrations based on new developments, customer feedback, etc. This is on a region by region bases. At this time, we are focusing on developing our full-tuning-solution for the breadth of N54 based twin-turbo based vehicles in the USDM region before moving on to other world regions. We do not have an ETA for support outside of the USDM at this time.

      When will there be support for N55 based single turbo BMW's?
      We do not have an ETA on availability of the AccessPORT for N55 vehicles at this time. Our current priority is to provide our full-tuning-solution for the twin-turbo N54 equipped 1, 3 and 5 series BMW's. While some development has begun on the N55, there is a lot left to do on the N54 before we put significant focus on the N55.

      I have a naturally aspirated M3, 128i, 328i, etc. will there be an AccessPORT for my car?
      At this time we are concentrating on the 2008-2010 turbocharged 135i, 335i and 535i. We currently have no plans to develop the AccessPORT for NA vehicles.

      I already have lots of modifications and downpipes, can I get a map for my car?
      We will be releasing more maps for these vehicles in the very near future. We are currently refining our Stage1 offerings and will follow up with Stage2 maps once testing is completed. AccessTUNER Pro software for professional tuning shops is expected to be available by the end of the first quarter of 2011.

      Will tuning software become available? Can I get a custom tune?
      AccessTUNER Pro is expected to be available to professional tuners by the end of 1Q11. We encourage you to inform your tuner of choice that you are interested in having your AccessPORT equipped BMW pro-tuned.

      Does the AccessPORT need to stay connected to the car for my tune to work?
      No, the AccessPORT reflashes your ECU with a new calibration that is written to the ECU. Once you flash the map on, you can unplug the AccessPORT and the map will be on the ECU until you uninstall the AccessPORT. Removing the battery or resetting the ECU will not affect the tune. You may plug the AccessPORT in at any time to utilize the additional features provided by the AccessPORT (Live Data, Data Logging, Performance, DTC Scanning).

      I already have a reflash on my ECU, is the AccessPORT compatible with this? Will I lose this flash if I install an AccessPORT?
      The AccessPORT will more than likely overwrite your reflash, depending on the type of reflash. Some will have to be overwritten while some can be saved using the AccessPORT ROM saving feature. However, you will not be able to interface with a previous flash with the AccessPORT.

      Can I use my current piggyback system with the AccessPORT?
      We do not recommend this. The AccessPORT is designed to work on its own as a complete tuning solution. Introducing a piggyback system may cause tuning conflicts and other issues. We have not performed any testing on this scenario.

      I have upgraded downpipes with high flow cats or not cats at all and I am getting a Check Engine Light for rear O2 sensor codes. Will the AccessPORT be able to turn these codes off?
      The ECU uses the rear O2 sensors in daily operation, and these need to remain in the exhaust system for proper engine function. The AccessPORT has the ability to keep the cat inefficiency codes from being thrown on the N54 while maintining proper operation of the O2 sensors when there are no cats or aftermarket cats. Stage2 calibrations will have these codes turned off when they become available.

      I just tried to install my AccessPORT and it is telling me that my vehicle is an "Unsupported ROM Version" and won't let me install, what should I do?
      You have encountered an ECU that we have not yet added support for. However, the AccessPORT is able to download your vehicle's ROM which you can email to us and we can then add support. To download your ROM, follow the instructions found here: Next use AccesPORT Manager to save this file to your computer. Then email the file to along with your Name, Email address, Vehicle Year Make and Model and transmission type. Once we have the ROM adding support should only take a few days and we will email you with instructions for adding support to your AccessPORT.

      I see a lot of different COBB Tuning Employees posting in the forums, who are these people and what do they do?
      The entire COBB Tuning staff takes part in answering questions on the forums. However, these are the staff members you will see and hear from most often.

      Rob Irish - BMW ECU Guru in Austin, TX.
      Lance Lucas - Lead BMW R&D Calibrator in Austin, TX.
      Danny Heng - Marketing and Sales at the SoCal store.
      Travis Geny - Online Relations and Marketing at the Surgeline store in Portland, OR.
      Kevin Heist - Marketing and Sales for the Plano, TX store.
      Gary Sheehan - Marketing Director

      What is the cost to upgrade to Stage 2, when it is released?
      There is no upgrade associated with Stage1 and Stage2. We will be providing free Stage2 Off-the-Shelf maps in the near future.

      Can I take it out and resell the AP unit?
      Yes you can. When you Uninstall your AccessPORT, it restores the ECU to its original configuration and the AccessPORT then becomes "Unmarried". It can then be installed and "Married" to any other applicable BMW.

      I just went in for service and recieved the BMW 2.40.2 software update, does the AccessPORT support vehicles with this update?
      The AccessPORT does support vehicles with this update. 2.40.2 is a version of software BMW uses for flashing the modules in the car. We have seen and flashed ECUs which have been flashed with this version of software. If your car has 2.40.2software, you can install the AccessPORT.

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        Welcome! Love your product and support.
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        The mighty Cobb... It's about time.
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by DBFIU Click here to enlarge
        The mighty Cobb... It's about time.
        It is nice, isn't it?
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        I was waiting for this... seeing as half of the COBB users are seeking asylum here haha Click here to enlarge
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Brey335i Click here to enlarge
        I was waiting for this... seeing as half of the COBB users are seeking asylum here haha Click here to enlarge
        The main thing is, we now have all the best tuning options for this motor.

        Oh, and we don't need to cater to anyone else. Oh, and we got by just fine...
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        Awesome! Welcome Cobb! Is Rob a user on this forum? It'd be awesome to have him participate in the N54 section!
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        Awesome! How's the 1M tuning coming along? Is it still in the beta stage?
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        COBB>BMS>ProcedeCOBB will dominate the n54 scene! And that price for everything it does isClick here to enlargeLooks like with the tuner series Cobb and a HPF single turbo kit we will see well over 500 rwhp from these cars!!!!!!!!Looks like I will have to grab a 135I nowClick here to enlarge
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        Nice! I had the chance to use a Cobb kit on a GT-R and the interface blew me away. Welcome to bimmerboost.
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by dzenno Click here to enlarge
        Awesome! Welcome Cobb! Is Rob a user on this forum? It'd be awesome to have him participate in the N54 section!
        Yea it would, especially with the fuel/injector threads that have started lately.

        Glad to see them here too.
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        good stuff!
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        When is the real power coming?!?!?! Click here to enlarge
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        nice addition to the forums, welcome!
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        Welcome COBB
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        We have a Cobb on our basic daily driven 135i and its great. Welcome to BB Cobb.
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        waves at COBB
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        Glad to see Cobb here. Look forward to N55 support.
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        Welcome, and +1 on the N55 support..
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