• Rematch: BMW E90 335i Automatic with BMS JB4 tune vs. BMW E92 335i Manual with Vishnu Procede

      This is the rematch of the race that was posted last week. Many fanboys whined and cried that the Procede car was not at full strength due to issues with the meth system despite the BMS tuned E90 running less boost. Fine, here is the rematch between the two with some minor changes to the cars. The result is a much closer this time around that should make everyone happy. Video and full mod list below.

      E92 335i manual:

      Procede Rev 3
      18 psi
      PWM meth kit 90/10 mix
      CSL trunk
      Mtech front bumper
      Morr VS7 rims
      Stett CAI
      AR Catless downpipes
      Muffler delete

      E90 335i automatic:

      BMS under hood meth kit
      85/15 mix with CM10 and CM5 nozzles
      18 psi
      HPF intercooler
      AR Downpipes
      ER chargepipe and synapse blow off valve
      BMS DCI

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        Awesome vids. Thanks for sharing.
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Cn555ic Click here to enlarge
        To be honest I check this forum more these days as almost all the regulars on this forum were the more tech savvy of the bunch on e90 but now they are all banned from there. It's just so ironic!
        I'm not banned there anymore but I still share more tech info over here. Shiv was trying to goad me into arguing with him on Friday but I just shut him down and ignored him Click here to enlarge

        For those who want to see Shiv's troll attempt:

        And my reply in regards to doing a "stock baseline correctly" hes an absolute idiot and he knows it. The stock map is load targeting, so boost target is irrelevant. As long as he's going WOT during those baseline pulls, it's going to be the same, at 5 psi and at 8 psi. The fact he only posts the big numbers and not the baseline speaks for itself. And I STILL have a nicer curve up top than he does with my rough race map.
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by LostMarine Click here to enlarge
        lol, youve never driven one!? dude, you have no idea!! Ill put something together for ya Click here to enlarge
        I've driven a DCT M3 before, its sexy how fast it shifts Click here to enlarge Give me that thing on the N54 with upgraded clutch packs and watch some records be broken!